So They are Bonding Together now under Boom Boom?

April 9, 2010
Pakistan Team Training Camp 2010 World T20

Pakistan Team Training Camp 2010 World T20, Express News

Yea right, If I can’t write long posts at least I can bite little chunks lolz. Look they are now bonding together after long bitching and whining against each other (media said that, I swear!) under the umbrella of their new (rebirth) ball eating captain Boom Boom Bombastic.

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Afghanistan v USA Bring it on and bring Kabul boys to World T20

February 9, 2010

World T20 Qualifiers for Jamican event are in progress in Dubai started today 9th Feb, 2010. The first day was a very interesting day in qualifiers already two upsets and third in progress (maybe we will have results till I finish this post).

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