So They are Bonding Together now under Boom Boom?

April 9, 2010
Pakistan Team Training Camp 2010 World T20

Pakistan Team Training Camp 2010 World T20, Express News

Yea right, If I can’t write long posts at least I can bite little chunks lolz. Look they are now bonding together after long bitching and whining against each other (media said that, I swear!) under the umbrella of their new (rebirth) ball eating captain Boom Boom Bombastic.

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Drop Scene of 0-9, PCB Inquiry committee and new Captain?

February 16, 2010

We are still waiting for the “Drop Scene” of the 0-9 trashing of our beloved national cricket team in Aussies land as there is lot of happenings as expected proceeding that tour. But for me that “Drop Scene” is already occurred/picturised(?) as Mr. President Asif Ali Zardari has patted Butt’s butt and told him to carry on dear, but just do it a little better if you can. Don’t worry you and your family plus extended family aka PCB staff will have a vacation in Sri Lanka in 2011 with World Cup team for free.

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Tait on fire, Pup the Captain, Kamran the Brutal, Gul the flower and fast food cricket

February 6, 2010

First, the Aussie fan in me speaks:

Shaun Tait: only a few days ago I wrote the hailing post about him, hope you’ve watched the video, it is phenomenal, anyway. When I saw the Aussie lineup consisting of
Tait, Nannes, Watson, it was clear that the Pakistani batting would face a serious challenge, all three of them are precise and deadly. Utterly deadly.

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Australia v Pakistan ODI 2010 – Pakistan Squad Preview

January 22, 2010
Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan Cricket, WikiPedia

Here is now the preview of Pakistan team and squad at the eve of 5 ODI series against Australia which is already become significant due to:

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Sydney to Hobart a journey with baby sitting and brotherhood soap, finale begins opera

January 13, 2010


Sydney to Hobart a journey with baby sitting and brotherhood soap opera, yes thats what it is actually like a soap opera from Sydney defeat to final squad selection for Hobart is all like soap opera and here is its characters, script, plot and story:

Pakistan put Aussies on way too back foot at first day of Sydney test and started what was going to be a long long nightmare for them.

They continued playing good for 3 solid days, people started to wonder what the hell is going on?

On 4th day, they said wohoooo we are back and did what they only can do best in world.

Kamran Akmal dropped 4 catches to start soap opera’s next episode, ok ok and a missed run out too.

As expected voices started to raise as usual from Pakistan and all around the world.

Yousuf got the initial blame and said some good things mixed in some blind shooters.

After not getting enough hot things from Yousuf media turned to poor Kami Bhai (Kamran Akmal).

PCB without waisting time send a new wicket keeper to Australia which they initially pulled out after New Zealand.

Yousuf and Kamran himself said Kamran will play as wicket keeper with all his butter gloves.

Some genious thought Kamran may have done some baby sitting that night otherwise how can he drop those and all other idiots clapped on that.

Umar had sore back one day and didn’t practiced so some other idiot oh Kami may be pushing him not play in protest, hows that for a headline, Aussies press said ah love it.

I seriously don’t know how they made Pointing on that but he was also enjoying the brotherhood, I think he reading too much newspaper and blogs in last week.

Will Kami play? Will Kami not play? this pendulum keep vibrating for a good week and everybody had a fair share out of it.

Finally heard the news that Kamran bhai will not play and younger bhai is better after some painkillers and ready to roll. Kamran get some moral support from people too for his relief.

Oh talking about support, Geof Lawson obviously had a good time with Pakistan team couple of years ago so he had some hot sexual conversations with those knucklehead journalists spreading all the shit. Surprised! Well foreign coaches have always like Pakistan team and developed some relations more than coaching like Bob Wolmer and Lawson.

Probably all settled, much-needed changes done but with not so good replacement. Malik for Misbah their names are even not so different. Khurram for Faisal well leave it. Aamer for Sami arguable and probably good one. Srafraz for Kami don’t ask again?

So here we are in Hobart 14th Jan 2010.

Oh man can Yousuf win a single toss at least? Punter won it again and decided to bat first with that ugly sheepish smile.

Ready to rock n roll. But here is some thing for you to think or guess:

Which of the Pakistan team will turn in Hobart:

  • Desperate to do better.
  • Inspirational to complete what they left in Sydney.
  • Face saving.
  • Take it easy its over.
  • Worse than ever.
  • Who the hell can even think about Pakistan team predictions.

Should I make a poll of above?

I think a whitewash 3 – 0 is most probable here with some chances of 2-0 for the Aussies.

Preview Final test between Pakistan and New Zealand McLean Park Napier, Squads and Prediction

December 10, 2009

Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan Cricket, Image Wikipedia

So both teams are lining up for series decider in Napier, this is surely an exciting moment for both teams as well as fans, as there has been quite a while since both teams have found themself in such situation. Yes, the situation of winning a test series home or away, quite ironically both claims it their home series, Pakistan being the original host and New Zealand being the real host. But I guess New Zealand should be called host as they are actually hosting the series in their own country.

Lets look at the match with different angles:

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Why again Younis!? Why they dislike You Younis? Why they are happy now? Can we allow such player power? What is Pakistan Cricket Future?

November 18, 2009

In a post called “Younis Quits Again” at Stani Army by TJ we had a very good and healthy discussion in comments which I am reproducing here for your appetite and also would like you to take part in it too. I am putting some excerpts from the post but You may still like to read original post here.

“Younis’ overall aim and intentions may have been correct, to unite the players and bring in much-needed discipline. The problem Younis had is the way he has gone about it and his poor personal performance. The constant quitting would have caused him to lose the respect of his players and his lack of runs meant he had nothing behind him to back up his arguments. In this situation, there was no way he could have continued as leader as he would have been constantly undermined and questioned, be it in the media, behind closed doors, or as it has emerged, on the pitch.”

Younis Khan

Younis Khan, Cricinfo

He added:

“The question for the Pakistan team is will they find the right leader? As for Younis, will he get into any of our sides just as a player? I would keep him in our Test side as long as his future Test performances are like those of the past. In this case, Younis must be prepared to come back into the Test side only as a player, roll up his sleeves and get on with it in a quiet an honourable manner.”

And then here goes the discussion, it is in a bit odd order but if you will get along you will get the point. I will also do a post on combining all those points made here later but would like more people perspective here.

  1. Purna Says:
    I think Afridi was one of them and Umar Gul!
  2. Rayden Says:
    Wow, Younis actually quit again. Of course the reports are that he wanted rest and he hasnt actually quit. But Younis is indeed trying hard to disappoint cricket fans who genuinely admire him.Regarding Yousuf – well he is definitely an awesome batsman but never thought of him as captaincy material. Also I dont know if he is 100% committed to Pakistan cricket. He seems like a player who mainly plays for himself. Mind you I could be wrong on this!!
  3. Wasim Says:
    “No matter how the players felt about the captain, they should not be using games that they play for their country to try and undermine him. If they did, then just simply looking back at the performances of the players in recent games will give you an insight into which players this disgruntled group was made up of.”Thats exactly how I think about this problem. For YK’s personal form and poor decision-making we all grilled him enough but when a player enters the ground wearing those green shirts they are playing for the country and not for themselves underperformance should not be rewarded and should not go unpunished.The question for the Pakistan team is will they find the right leader?I think right now the questions one should ask are:Why these players are constantly conniving against each other for captaincy?Are there some extra monetary incentives attached with it about which we don’t know?Why PCB management bends backward in front of player’s power? Do these players hold any secrets due to which they can’t be dropped or axed from the team or punished for playing politics in the team?
  4. Sid Says:
    He quit again? Ay ay ay!! Like Rayden, I had read that he was just after a break but not has not actually stepped down. Although, I admit that I have lost track – he can’t seem to make up his mind!!Would PCB pick him just as a player? Would he want to play if he’s not captain? That wouldn’t be easy.
  5. Reverse Swing Says:
    MoYo is test captain now instead of YoYo who is resting, Pakistan cricket has become a YoYo, well said at BCC!.Well there is an intense public demand to rectify players who have underperformed and bring them to justice and people will not argue who ever the player is. But this is not likely to happen, as the board is actually only Uncle Sargam (the Butt) and he knows he is good for nothing and not able to run things so he will use all possible aid he can weather it is players, politics or favoritism to enjoy his remaining days and thats what he is doing.Only Younis was the man who could have done that, if he had taken a stand against all those culprits and threaten them to be dropped or punished somehow as captain whichever come under his power, that might lead to losing his captaincy or his place in team anyway but it might have brought the matter in public and then public will force the board to take some action and Younis can be back after all that. But his own form and his past hanky panky behavior is not what favoring him to take this kind of extreme step or he might not have the guts. But now he is silent on all this which may cause lot of damage to Pakistan cricket leaving his career aside.
  6. Stani Army Says:
    If Afridi was one of them, some of the statements he’s been making in the media are just out-of-order. Saying things like “I don’t think he should have taken the decision to skip the [New Zealand] tour” but then trying to get rid of him at the same time is just cunning and deceitful.Rayden
    I’d be surprised if he himself comes back after this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PCB allowed it though as they’re just clowns. I share your views to some extent in regards to Yousuf. From the outisde he does look as so. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.Wasim
    These alleged players haven’t given the slightest thought about us the fans have they? Surely this under-performing, if it happened, amounts to match fixing right? The problem is it’s difficult to prove.You ask some interesting questions about the players and the PCB Wasim. Would you link this to match fixing i.e. certain players now things so use this as blackmail in getting what they want? I myself hope it’s not like this. I prefer to be of the opinion that if such secrets did exist then they would have come out by now due to the obvious divisions in our squad and administration.Sid
    No, he’s back….just kidding! The initial reports said he wanted to rest but a day after, Younis himself was quoted as saying he had “no command over the team”. Something remarkable would have to happen for this team to gain that respect for him again in order for him to come back as captain and be successful.For Younis to be picked and for Younis to want to play without being captain, there would have to be some damping down of egos. This will be very difficult.


    You can add to that Dodo….he’s running the board. Yes, had Younis performed well himself then no one could have had any arguments against him. If he doesn’t get back in the side, I don’t think he’d be silent for too long.

  7. Wasim Says:
    StaniIt’s a mixture of groupism and corruption. Corruption creates the extra monetary benefits for which these players fight with each other and as a result groups are formed. The managers in the past have played a role of overseeing the interest of PCB boses.Remember when Nasim Ashraf took over he changed Waqar Younis for no reason basically he said Waqar will not travel with the team and Waqar immediately resigned later on Mushtaq was appointed as assistant coach who was allowed to travel with the team and we all know what happened afterwards.Intikhab has been at the center of every match fixing controversy. Those who don’t believe should read justice Qayyum’s report.During Imran’s era seniority would not guarantee you a place in the team only performance was the main criteria. Even Miandad was dropped a few times, Imran himself pulled out of a few series to regain his bowling rythym, Salim Malik, Ejaz Ahmed, Ramiz Raja they all get dropped several times.Why PCB is so afraid to drop players like Afridi and Malik.
    Some people say that some players are crowd pullers and play in the team just because of their star power but look how many people came to watch Pak games in Dubai in comparison to the last time, the constant bickering amongst the players and a general sense that some of these players are actively involved in throwing matches will eventually keep fans away from the grounds. But PCB chairman dusts everything under the carpet and doesn’t want to admit of any corruption, the problem will remain alive until an honest attempt is made to resolve it.

    Just imagine if PCB is taken over by CA how many players from the current lot would survive.

    Surprisingly PCB displays a very high tolerance when it comes to bad behavior and under performance by the players.

    As regards Younis Khan I will not all of a sudden turn him into a saint. He also has a shady past. It was not too long ago when similar collapses happened under Malik, YK and Afridi were the main culprits then. What goes around comes around, Younis is just like a cat who decided to go on a pilgrimage after killing 900 mice. At the twilight of his career he all of a sudden wanted to become Imran Khan.

    When Younis took over he was backed by all the seniors and as gratitude he supported a seniority based selection policy and also introduced a quota based rotation policy.
    His second mistake was not to take time off when he first realized that he wasn’t fit.
    The third mistake was that the Punjabi players gradually became more insecure under him. The frequent changing of batting orders, and the public criticism of Yousaf by YK’s media lobbyists created a new friction in the team.
    He didn’t handled players like Misbah and Yousaf properly,at times he was not on speaking terms with these players.

    The solution to the whole problem is simple, Butt as chairman of PCB should quit, a couple of players should be permanently axed from the team. Pakistan should announce different captains for all three formats and should announce a pool of players for all three formats, Afridi for T20, Yousaf for ODi’s and Younis for test matches Younis should retire from Odi’s.


    Younis khan, Saeed Ajmal, Kamran Akmal

    You tried to bond them but they showed you back mate!, Image Cricinfo

  8. Stani Army Says:
    If this goes on then these players must be stupid. Surely the monetary benefits of being a successful team far outweigh those that these players achieve by their corruption?The Waqar case; I think he was sent home after being told he wasn’t needed as coach for the ODIs. I think it was in South Africa.He resigned in protest of this. I must admit, it was a strange scenario.Reading Justice Qayuum’s report, it’s clear that Intikhab Alam and Rashid Latif were at war with one another. What is also clear is that Saleem Malik was as dodgy as they come. It was interesting that Intikhab did not include Latif when he said “Out of the players whom I consider absolutely clean are Rameez Raja, Aaquib Javed, Aamir Sohail and Saeed Anwar.”If the PCB was to be taken over by CA, that would be ideal! We’d eventual have players with an Australian mentality but with Pakistan talent – frightening!Ijaz Butt is a clinger on. I’d be surprised if he ever resigns. The guy will have to be sacked and I sincerely hope someone does it. We cannot have a dithering fool running our board. Even after scathing criticism by members of parliament not so long ago, the guy ignored it and carried on in his merry ways.It could be interesting if we have different captains for each form. It would mean that mean problems would not cross over into the other teams. Who are these players you’d permanently axe?
  9. christopher poshin david Says:
    But Yunus was a great captain…atleast in my own words…he played to the fullest and tried his best to get the best out of his team. Who can blame him if the Pakistan team is in turmoils. That’s just how it normally is.BTW – Can I please use a picture in the above for one of my articles. I’ll link it to you.
  10. christopher poshin david Says:
    please do reply.
  11. Stani Army Says:
    Go for it, you’re free to use what you like mate.Younis’ captaincy was very average and mostly reactive rather than pro-active and littered with mistakes. His batting is good in Tests but he doesn’t quite have the same effect in the shorter forms.
  12. Wasim Says:
    Waqar was told he won’t travel with the team on foreign tours, It was before the CT 2007 or the WC I exactly don’t remember but later on allowed Mushy to travel with the team.They used to get upto $300000 for throwing one test match, several players are on record admitting this, I don’t think they get this much money as win bonus.When one examines Intikhab’s role, from his recorded statements he knew for quite some time that certain players were involved in match fixing but he never made it public or reported it to the higher authorities. He kept on taking oaths from the players. What a farce, the guy is a partner in three textile mills.Some people say that the tapes Rashid presented were pre- edited and some portions of the converstaions which related to him and some other players were deleted. Why did he tempered with those tapes only god knows. But over all I think Rashid is clean but he is a Phuday Baaz.I would axe Malik and Misbah pemanently and Younis from the Odi’s. Will issue a stern warning to Yousaf and Afridi.
  13. MoreThanJustAGame Says:
    And the saga continues. Just what IS it with Younis Khan and the fellowship of the captaincy?Stani and the rest of the knowledgeable guys , just a question. Do you think perhaps the PCB ought to go the clean slate way like SA did a long time back? Weed out the troublemakers, instill a promising youngster at the help – a true leader , and rebuild parts of the team? There is some time to go for the WC, and its not like there’s ever a dearth of talent in Pak. If that’s the case, any youngsters you’ve got in mind?
  14. TJ for Stani Army Says:
    I was thinking generally, to be part of a winning team and all the benefits that come with it (e.g. international success, IPL, sponsorship deals etc), it would be far more beneficial than throwing the odd match… not to mention being able to rest with a clear conscience. But I guess that requires hard work and that’s something our lot don’t like.You make a good point about Intikhab not raising it with the authorities, but instead asking the players to take oaths. I think this showed his lack of cunning rather than the opposite. In that respect, do you think he’d be clever enough to play the ‘Godfather’ role and come out squeaky clean and still be involved with Pakistan cricket as he is?His business interests and the fact that he does not go out of his way to support Rashid Latif (who I feel was genuine), may raise questions as to Intikhab’s character and sincerity though. The thing that makes Latif’s statements reliable is that fact that he knew he would lose a lot for whistle blowing but he still came out and told the truth.Any particular reason to axe Misbah? I think they made a big mistake dropping him as I’m sure he could have made a good captain in one of those sides.
  15. TJ for Stani Army Says:
    I think that’s one thing our country is struggling with at the moment; true leaders. Not just in its cricket but politics and general life. I would be happy to go with Afridi but someone needs to rein in his cockiness as his feet seem to be leaving the ground as his luscious locks flutter in the clouds.In general terms, because our President is patron of the board, everything kind of stems from him, and because he is an imbecile, it follows. I would get Imran Khan in as President of the country, Wasim Akram, Aamer Sohail and Rashid Latif involved in the coaching and administration along with a sprinkling of foreigners. I can but dream.I’m sure Wasim would have a few ideas too.


    Pakistan Team, Afridi, Razzaq, Umar Gul, Fawad Alam

    Ah they had some bonding between them too but what? where was it in ODIs? Image Cricinfo

  16. Wasim Says:
    StaniThe players get their match fees, sponsorsip money in any case the win bonuses are never that high.It was the responsibility of Intikhab to disclose match fixing problems to PCB boses as a manager and if repeatedly same culprits were coming on the forefront then he should have recommended some of them to get axed from the team.Some of the evidence was so compelling, like Salim Satta asking players to underperform and the same player taking the matter to the manager and Intikhab still did nothing.Why no action was taken against Salim Satta it’s beyond my comprehension I can’t give this guy a clean chit.Why Misbah?Only because he was also under performing like Malik, performing only enough to keep himself in the team, if he was out of form as his performance under YK reflects how in the world he was able to score 284 n.o in a domestic match only couple of days after getting dropped.We can’t have status quo as far as the core group in the team is concerned it is going to produce same results, Same players will get you same results.
  17. Wasim Says:
    MTJAGWe did tried the SA model when Malik was given the leadership, but the lobby of ex players, Ex administrators and the dropped trouble makers managed to derail all the progress only after 18 months.Afridi has been the biggest pain in the ass for all the captains, but dropping him can start a civil war a sepratist movement in Pakistan. Such is his fan support nowadays in Pakistan.
    I won’t blame everything on the administrators we the Pakistani fans are also the biggest flip flops first we get a player dropped from the team by constant criticism and after a few months we start missing the same players and that makes the job of the selectors and administrators very difficult.IMO opinion if there is strong groupism and some corrupt elements in the team then all we have to do is to introduce at least two youngsters in the middle order so that the balance is restored to some extent. The political appointment of the PCB chief should also be condoned as Stani mentioned all the problems stem from Mr.Ten % being the patron in chief of PCB.
  18. Purna Says:
    Well he is in line for the captaincy isn’t he? That makes me suspicious. I’m sure Maz won’t agree! But Maz, if it is revealed that Afridi had a hand to play at this, would you still root for him?
  19. Stani Army Says:
    Yousuf has asked for Misbah to be called back to make up for Younis’ loss. I think it will turn out to be a good call. May be Misbah will take his chance.You’re right about us going the SA way when Malik was picked as captain. I had hoped it would work but the Pakistani mentality was never going to allow it to succeed. Malik was probably fighting a losing battle from the beginning.Until Zardari goes, I really cannot see any real, long term progress.PurnaI’m sure everyone anti-Younis would side with Afridi no matter how he came to be captain. In fact, they’d probably thank him for having a hand in deposing Younis. I myself would be concerned at why he had to get involved and play sinister games with his own team mates. It’s not healthy.I think Maz just likes Afridi’s hair ;)
  20. Purna Says:
    I agree. Even if Afridi is a better captain than Younis, getting it the dirty way is not the answer. But have you realized that we don’t even know if Afridi was involved? LOL.Tell Maz it’s a wig. Really!
  21. Purna Says:
    Stani do you know where Bon is?
  22. Stani Army Says:
    I’m not sure how you are with body language and reading between the lines but trust us, Afridi was involved. Plus, it’s not like you haven’t got people wrong in the past right?Swiftly onwards. I hope Bon is ok wherever he is. Sometimes blogging can get a bit much especially when personal circumstances change e.g. a new job. Whatever name we go by, we are real regular people and life can be demanding and complex for us at times. If I remember correctly, Bon had thought of quitting once before. Nothing wrong with a break right? His blog is still there though, so when he comes back, he should know that we’ll be back too and we’ll just carry on as normal. As long as he’s ok then everything’s cool.
  23. Purna Says:
    Plus, it’s not like you haven’t got people wrong in the past right?I don’t understand, I thought I was the one that said Afridi was involved? I was just thinking there is no actual evidence..yet.There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but I was hoping he would at least let us know that he was. Also, I don’t know if he is okay. But we can only hope for the best.
  24. Stani Army Says:
    I wasn’t specifically talking about cricket there.I’m sure Bon wanted to let us know but, being busy, he probably just kept putting it back and eventually thought ‘there’s no point now’. I’m sure he’ll be back otherwise he would have taken the blog down.
  25. Reverse Swing Says:
    The body language specially the smiles on Pakistani team in two T20 matches is very very prominent and suspicious at the same time, was it T20 format their favorite or was it the success of turmoil they were trying in last couple of months?I was able to count Afridi’s 32 teeth and amazed at electrifying spirit even though it was nice to see but also disgusting to compare with their ODI outing. Same people hell of a difference this is crap at this level ?????


    Afridi Smiles

    Thats when I count his teeth, seriously looking so positive why?, Image Cricinfo

  26. Stani Army Says:
    Spot on! It was a kind of ‘finally, we’ve got rid of him (Younis)’ smile…..a kind of ‘Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together’ smile.Agree, it shouldn’t be like this, this is sad and not healthy long term.How did you manage to count his partially erupted Wisdom tooth? Wow, either you got really, really close or you’re his dentist ;)
  27. Reverse Swing Says:
    ah well actually he showed it so many time in those two matches I was even able to count one tooth per big smile twice to confirm and about his Wisdom tooth it seems like he had one recently and its growth is leaps and bounds whenever he is Captain else he might had toothache in it a very bad one
  28. Purna Says:
    And here I was thinking this is a cricket blog. Oh well.How many days before the PCB actually accuse Afridi? Reverse can you use your teeth evidence to get things started?
  29. Reverse Swing Says:
    it could be an important biomechanical evidence of Afridi’s teeth and display relationship with his scores and you already have another one as his hair waving relationship with his wickets taken and I believe both are directly proportional but in PCB I don’t think there is someone who even know what biomechanical is?
  30. Wasim Says:
    Reverse/StaniI have been thinking why Pakistan is not so inconsistent at T20’s? Why we don’t have those strange collapses, why Afridi all of a sudden becomes so responsible and Akmal so reliable.
    1- The players want to keep their worth for IPL/ICL alive if they won’t perform they won’t get big contracts. So they put an extra effort.2- Afridi wants to show how good of a captain he is.3- The format suits Pakistan’s fragile batting line up and aggressive bowling.
  31. Stani Army Says:
    You should stick to cricket then….but it’s strange how things and people are not always how they seem.But back to cricket; I think the way Afridi is going, he’ll soon use his tactics to become coach and chairman too….a real all-rounder.Reverse
    You’re right. Also, it is a well known fact that Yousuf began to play better after growing his beard. Any information on that?WasimInteresting…..I didn’t think you’d put no.3 in ;) but I think it’s that more than the other two. I also believe, and you can tell me what you think, that the twenty20 game requires not as much effort for a prolonged period of time so with the almost lazy mentality of our players, they enjoy it. This type of laziness is usually a characteristic of the naturally gifted, which many of our players are.
  32. Wasim Says:
    Stani but don’t you find it strange that we never have a batting collapse in T20 something of which we are so accustomed to in tests and Odi’s.
  33. Reverse Swing Says:
    Was there any such batting collapse before Younis or even Malik as Captain? I am not sure but I don’t think so there was. Even if there was any it was controversial. 1999 final was tipd as fixed, 2007 Ireland defeat was may be natural etc.It looks like pattern since Inzi left as captain because there were more then one candidate and they are battling since then.Why? Pakistan team captain is a powerful person has words in many things in PCB and it also has long term benefits even after retirement. Plus monetary benefits and after all everyone want to lead his team.
  34. Reverse Swing Says:
    About T20 success, Pakistan cricket system is based on this kind of game, during childhood we play 6 to 10 over matches in streets in empty plots near our houses or in grounds too with tape bowl. Majority of schools are not interested in sports they just do it to justify the use of funds they get.Then in clubs we either do net practice or similar kind of short matches from 10 to 50 overs between clubs that too very occasionally, there isn’t enough inter club competitions.Most of our new talent is coming from small cities and towns bcoz in big cities our youth is too busy in getting marks for merit and career in pathetic education system studying day and night or are busy playing video games, chatting or internet surfing as it also suits parents “At least they are in front of them in.”There are very less clubs in small cities where youth is willing to play and had time for it and if there are they had very very less opportunities to compete at a good level. So they keep playing small odd matches here and there and either went for a proper career or some of them get picked by someone some where and injected into first class pool or they shift themselves to big cities to find opportunities if they are too passionate.Our first class level is again not good, not enough coaching not enough benefits to keep them focus on there game. And also when they reach a first class team they already had developed a mentality and technique which is rarely changed afterward.We have some academies around which are far from enough and those too are in big cities and have their own agenda etc.This leads to cricketers which suits T20 cricket format and I believe if they allow a Pakistani team in IPL and Champion League they will perform very well.

    We need to develop cricketers from school level without destroying their natural talent by excessive coaching, we just need to polish their mentality and temperament.

    Think of Aussies board taking over PCB and you will get hell of cricketers.

    Thats what I think the root reason is you may not agree may be ??

  35. Wasim Says:
    ReverseThe problems relating to the establishment and the lack of coaching and infrastructure at grass root level should be a factor for all the formats.It’s true we all grew up playing the shorter version of the cricket hence we are more accustomed to it.But I think it’s more difficult to bat in a T20 than in an ODI, you don’t get enough time to get settled and build the innings.How come players like Afridi and Akmal perform so consistently in T20 and fail so often in ODI’s? There is a visible difference in attitude.Now I am not saying that they fail in every ODI, they do score once in a while but there is a marked difference between their performance in T20 and in Odi’s.These guys very often do not even cross double digit score in Odi’s.But their consistency in T20 is much higher.

    I do understand that in T20’s one batsman can carry the whole innings which is very hard to do in ODi’s.

    I think the constant musical chair game with the openers and the power struggle between the middle order batsmen is the main problem of our Odi team. The T20 team is relatively more consistent in it’s composition.

    Another factor is that our middle order including Younis, Yousaf, Misbah and Malik is no longer as good and reliable as it used to be without which we cannot win ODi’s more consitently. Now I understand Younis is going through a lean patch and Yousaf has become too old fitness wise, but the other two I don’t trust them anymore.

    I think more consistency can be achieved if the out of form and under performing players are made to sit out and young players are given a chance.

  36. Reverse Swing Says:
    Right, I was looking into root problem but for this current team specially these some players You mentioned above there are some factors contributing to this odd performance as discussed above and before there might be more then one reason behind this or all of those mentioned.But they need to realize ODI is not going to fade away if not shine more brighter even Tests are going to be more meaningful pretty soon (Test Championship etc), so they as well as Pakistan team had to improve a lot in those prime formats of the game to stay in top and alive. I don’t think you will be picked on the basis of only T20 performance you have to do better in others too.
  37. Wasim Says:
    I also think #3 is the most important as no team can dominate a certain format unless it is good enough to do that.But the marked difference between the overall attitude and the performance of few players makes me think that #1 is also one of the major reasons.
  38. Wasim Says:
    The more you have of a thing the less you want it, Test matches or Odis are not going to fade away as you said.We have to fix our middle order before the 2011 WCup.
  39. Stani Army Says:
    WasimIt is a bit strange but maybe, as Reverse suggested, this is what we’re good at, twenty20. To be honest, I remember a couple of shambolic performances in twenty20 but they were under Inzi.Also, in twenty20, the pressure is off and batsmen go in with a more attacking mindset. In the other formats, they go in with a less positive mindset in wanting to guard their wicket. I think this can go some way in explaining the difference.

    I agree our twenty20 team is more consistent in terms of the 11 being picked. But why it is not the same for 50 ODIs, I do not know. In all honesty, we should probably only need to make two changes from our twenty20 side to our ODI side.

    I agree, the captaincy comes with lots of benefits; may be that’s why so many of our players go after it. I have been arguing the point about a Australian board/back-room staff, with our talent, for quite some time now and am glad quite a few share the view.

    As for point no.1, I’d be surprised if our players were doing as so. The reason being that we’ve been banned from IPL for most of the time and even when our players did initially participate, it was not many and their contracts were not huge, comparatively speaking. That’s why I think it’s mostly point no.3 and the various aspects related to it such as our mentality and natural talent.

  40. Wasim Says:
    StaniThe bans were not indefinite the players knew they will come back. Malik, Afridi, Asif, Akhtar and Yousaf all got good deals better than the Aussie players with the exception of Symonds.Misbah, Umar Gul and Sohail Tanvir were the only players who couldn’t get a decent amount.
    But this year you wait and watch Afridi, Umar Gul, Kamran Akmal and Aamir all of them will get huge contracts.And it may will continue but it was healthy and had some interesting points in it. Will summarize it in a post later. Keep commenting.