Drop Scene of 0-9, PCB Inquiry committee and new Captain?

February 16, 2010

We are still waiting for the “Drop Scene” of the 0-9 trashing of our beloved national cricket team in Aussies land as there is lot of happenings as expected proceeding that tour. But for me that “Drop Scene” is already¬†occurred/picturised(?) as Mr. President Asif Ali Zardari has patted Butt’s butt and told him to carry on dear, but just do it a little better if you can. Don’t worry you and your family plus extended family aka PCB staff will have a vacation in Sri Lanka in 2011 with World Cup team for free.

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Younis Khan once again giving up? OR Stupid publicity stunt and media rash costing Pakistani cricket?

October 13, 2009

Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan Cricket, Image Wikipedia

I was not posting anything for past week even though I have enough things to write about. Partially because I was busy and mostly because I had so much anger and my head was spinning like a hell so I was afraid I might end up writing total shit here. All of this due to non-sense media of both countries Pakistan and India.

First Indians humiliate there all time better team for some defeats even they were missing their strongest point, batting, India is always largely dependent on batting but their power houses Sehwag and Yuvrag were missing and pillar of bowling attack Zaheer Khan wasn’t there and unfortunately Bhaji and Ishant didn’t performed at all. So this might also be Dhoni’s real test and time to think about providing some bowling balance and help to their strong batting. You need balance to shine in longer formats other than T20 even in T20 as largely presented in T20 Cup England by Pakistan and Sri Lanka. But media was all over every one specially Dhoni with humiliating and non sense reports and stuff.

Secondly, Pakistani media tried to follow after semi final defeat but they fell short and thanks to some wise heads and not so mad emotionalism in Pakistani people but defeats it was almost finished as it started. But some Indian friends thought ‘oh our media brothers need some help there in Pakistan’, so they come up with an absolute ridiculous, unbelievable report about match fixing. How the hell a reporter can write his nightmares in public media which is read by thousands if not millions of people worldwide which could humiliate someone some where, do they know anything about professional journalism, any small thing about ethics or even about some research or proof before spitting all over????

This had already pissed me off a lot but better was yet to come, it was by some desperate wannabe famous politician with ugliest name craving for some cheap publicity with his hanky panky statements. He accused his own team which is under his jurisdiction of sports committee he heads without any proof or even knowledge of the game. If you would ever listen to him talking to media you would think a fruit merchant on street might have a better idea about common sense.

I was just reading and feeling humiliation all that time and thinking what will happen now?  Somewhere in back of my mind I was worried about Younis Khan, he might have some hard time with these politicians and these kind of cheap statements as he is a Pathan afterall (emotional, proud, patriot and trigger happy) and guess what Younis Khan just offered his resign as a Caption of Pakistan team, what? Yes what worse could have happened?

Many of you might think he is not that a brilliant cricketer after all and this happens always in Pakistan. Yes he might not be a great great batsmen or cricketers but he is the one Pakistan cricket need desperately now. He is the man behind recent successes if any. He is the man behind making Pakistan team a Team. He is the man who know who to drive these guys along. He is the man who has a respect among majority of players. He also has enough respect in general crowd and Pakistani cricket lovers even though since his captaincy started he is under severe scrutiny either due to some uncontrollable factors to some absolutely self-created factors or troubles.

My mind is screaming to its limits and I can write pages after pages in this, but I would not get carried away. I will conclude it with these comments and will hope for your comments:

Do Pakistan cricket need Younis Khan? I say: A big YES.

Does Younis Khan’s resign justifies in current situation? I say: He is bit more emotional or pathanish* but this have to be stopped ball tempering on a win and match fixing on a loss, this is absolutely rubbish.

What should have happen now? I say: His resign should be rejected but we should prepare him to face this upfront. It should be strictly avoided in future.”

What you say?