So They are Bonding Together now under Boom Boom?

April 9, 2010
Pakistan Team Training Camp 2010 World T20

Pakistan Team Training Camp 2010 World T20, Express News

Yea right, If I can’t write long posts at least I can bite little chunks lolz. Look they are now bonding together after long bitching and whining against each other (media said that, I swear!) under the umbrella of their new (rebirth) ball eating captain Boom Boom Bombastic.

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IPL, Pakistani players and Mr Modi’s ego wagging along

January 20, 2010

None of Pakistani player attracted a single bid at IPL-3 auction, wow incredible? But what were they doing in the final Auction list then?

Greater power brings greater responsibility! BCCI and IPL now giants of cricket economics they should handle this in a better way and give respect to other nations and players, I agree franchises should not risk their money on a fragile relations between two countries but if a every dumb in the world knows both country have problems and are not ready to welcome each other players than why IPL or their Govt. don’t have balls to say it loud.

All this should have been stoped at the moment it started couple of months ago and it should have been made clear that Indian Govt. will not be able to welcome and allow visas, so no Pakistani in IPL. But instead our genius dumb Mr. Modi and his friends started double standard games by putting pressure on Pakistan authorities and players to get NOCs, clearance and deadlines even they know at that time they will not be able to play Pakistani player in IPL’s third edition. They were acting like they are having goose bumps for getting Pakistani players in their golden babe IPL.

It is perfectly acceptable to anyone that inviting Pakistani player in India may create some problems for IPL as tension between two nations  isn’t eased off yet and due to some conspiracy theories and some action people of both countries think of each other trying to kill them and stuff. Although there isn’t a single evidence of any hate or harsh action by cricket fans of both countries against players except some candid Ball Thakray’s pitch invasion. Mr.  Modi had a perfect excuse specially after Mumabi attacks so why don’t use it why playing games with a cricket loving nation and their players. Don’t Mr. Genius have the guts to say it at face the moment they asked him to let them in?

IPL ended up humiliating and disrespecting an entire nation of billions of cricket loving people who love the game and love to see any possibility of their players competing with rest of the world. I am not much disappointed as no Pakistani player is in IPL as they deserve it somewhat by not giving first priority to their real job but I am really very disappointed the way this has been handled. Now dear Modi can have 101 reasons to justify it but reality is same the situation is no different than what it was couple of months ago, whatever reason they give now was true couple of months ago too so they could have simply finish this business by simply denying it at that time. You can’t fool everyone, isn’t it obvious every franchise had their home done and that home work doesn’t include any Pakistani player in their plans. This is just not a selection committee it is a damn business with lot of money involved so they must had asked Indain Govt. and IPL authorities about the status of Pakistani players which was a simple No, but if that No was made public some months ago all this could have been avoided.

As far as Pakistani players are concerned I somehow feel it is better they stay away from IPL even though they are very excited about it after all how don’t want some easy earned bucks. But they should concentrate on making up for their national fans and team who they are continuously disappointing one way or other.

All of those who think by these act of hypocrisy one can marginalize Pakistan cricket, they need to wake up. It’s a nations only big sport and they love it. It is in a hole right now due to some good for nothing administrators and politics involved but it will rise and will rise soon. It is just a matter of time and right persons.

And Finally:

Happy new IPL 3 dear MODI you did it again, you earned enough TRP and media space even months before the start of IPL you really are a genius hats off to you Sir.

Champions Leauge: Refreshing for all but a nightmare for Lalit Modi

October 19, 2009
Champions League Twenty20

Champions League Twenty20, courtesy Wikipedia

So semi finalists of the Champions League have been decided and ironically there is no IPL team in them. How does this sound? Intimidating?

How is CL doing? or done or will do? is the question most frequently asked by cricket pundits and some fans. Others don’t care they are just enjoying cricket, a way to go. Here is what I think an answer of this from many of answers you can think of but I am not pundit I am just a cricket fan.

For me CL is a refreshing thing, after seeing two IPL seasons mostly Indian specific CL has expanded the club cricket overall. There are people back in Australia and Trinidad following their home town teams, for others it’s a matter of their country representation some how. Many are following their favorite local players, they don’t get enough chance to watch them on TV or in such atmosphere against such quality sides. All this is refreshing, I wish we had an entry from Pakistan but thats political can’t do anything about it. So overall its a good thing for cricket fans may be with some glitches and/or cons.

But for Lalit Modi this CL proved to be a nightmare so far, he was trying to expand his viewership. He did that by introducing IPL in South Africa which went very well but this time IPL isn’t able to get enough out of it. All IPL teams are out and aren’t able to make it to semi finals and were even at a scare of being eliminated from first round. Not a good advertisement/presentation at all you will say. IPL is already famous in India, people support their city or region team or the team they llike and they are already into it. So what if you can get followers all over the world, media rights, contracts, franchises, business and huge PR, thats what Lalit Modi thought. Well, they achieved it to some extent but not exactly for their likings. They are not able to advertise their own products instead they end up endorsing clubs from all over the world like T&T, NSW, Victoria, Cape Cobras. People like me know almost nothing about them before but now I will like to follow them and will like to grab any opportunity to find whats going on with them.

Perfect example or fairy tale is of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), they have grabbed so much fans, followers, well wishers and all that. They could have use it for so many things and betterment of cricket in their region and overall West Indies. But no IPL team has been able to impress any of the new viewer at all. So marketing wise its a disaster yet its great for cricket game.

How can we improve it? Here is what I think if we can add to CL we could make it an ultimate thing like UEFA Champions League.

  • Matches could possibly be home and away based giving chances to fans of each club able to support their team at their home ground. May be some tactical problems could be faced in it but it’s highly possible.
  • Teams complete home and away based round robin and advanced to next rounds which will also be home and away based.
  • Any advantage for an away victory? Well may be  YES or may be NO or it could be used to solve tie breakers? Sounds better than a super over right?
  • Semi Finals could also be home-away or at some neutral place randomly selected every year.
  • Final also at a randomly selected or strategically selected venue which should be changed every year.
  • As a bonus this will also allow them to include teams which are not able to visit certain parts of the world. It also inspires local clubs to work hard in local tournaments and improve themselves to have a go in CL.

Yes there will be many hurdles and problems in this specially related to revenue and infrastructure difference at different places but eventually conditions will improve. A wish to play in CL and get a hand on money, prizes and fame involved will encourage clubs to improve their cricketing standards and also will inspires new clubs to rise at local seen thus improving and expanding cricket overall. Though initially only for T2o but will get along for ODIs and may be tests too.

For me this sounds interesting as I would love to go and watch my local team playing against any other team at here in our local venue vice versa, but it might not sound interesting to others specially Indians who already having it at their door steps and not for Lalit Modi too he might end up sharing some pennies with other local clubs too which is not what he could ever think of.

Any one who think I am talking something here? or it’s just a far cry? whatever let me know in comments.

P.S. : I am supporting T&T and love to watch them taking the trophy and money home, not only they deserve it, it will do a lot good for them and West Indian cricket.