Sachin Tendulkar! What is next?

February 24, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar 200* in ODI

Sachin Tendulkar 200* in ODI, Cricinfo.

Am I late to the party, probably is as lot of people are getting hits they only dream for 1 liner “Sachin you are God” so well done guys, actually well done Sachin you did it for all.

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Harbhajan Singh still know how to take wickets and Hashim Amla you beauty

February 18, 2010

I am usually into putting up long posts with some intention and on topics which made me itching and for that I need time which is a rare luxury these days for me. But these two guys make me do this, a short little hasty basty post.

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Pakistan may play a series against ICC World XI to help raise funds for PCB

December 7, 2009

Pakistan can play a series against ICC World XI to help raise funds for PCB which it lost due to cancellation of home series, yea right this is the latest development by ICC task force to help revive cricket in Pakistan. 

It surely looks like a good idea if such a series can happen in UK or UAE, places with most Pakistan support around the world since there will be no cricket back home in Pakistan in near future. It will also help raise some money and will show world focus on reviving cricket in Pakistan. But question is, is it really a solution? 

Well, no. However it is good idea for one time but it is not a solution at all. Best solution is if Pakistan get fair amount of series in home, yes that is currently not possible and is also not in hands of ICC or PCB. So alternatively Pakistan is playing on neutral venues against other teams which are not producing enough money for them. As the current series is Pakistan home series but actually Pakistan is playing in New Zealand opponents home. So virtually no profit at all. Similarly next is against Australia in Australia, nothing for Pakistan. 

Next summer there will be two series in England which are Pakistan home series where it has been reported that it will be profit as well as spectators for Pakistan like home. So lets hope if this happen true and PCB could bag some bucks. 

Problem with such series is there is always extra expenses playing in those countries as England will surely cost Pakistan for providing facilities and also will get a part of profit as UAE did in recent ODI series there. I seriously doubt that England might be still getting more profit than Pakistan by those series if they prove successful which is highly likely as one is against England the actual home team and other is against Australia another well followed team in UK. So what Pakistan will gain at the end?

Yes of course Pakistan will be happy to play cricket specially test cricket after some shortage of it which is always good to develop a team like Pakistan that too against very good teams. Pakistan also needs a series against India at any such neutral venue that will really help the cause of funds as well as some highly famous competitive series. UK is a best place for such series as both teams have a huge support there already witnessed in ICC T20 world cup matches.

So situation right now is encouraging as well as worrying as after all you can not justify a home series against a neutral series plus what about stripping off of Champions Trophy and World Cup. There is not alternatives for such huge loss.

India vs Australia – All Squares by 2 – 2 – who is favorite now?

November 3, 2009
Cricket India

Cricket India, courtesy Wikipedia

India vs Australia – All Squares by 2 – 2 – who is favorite now? Yes this is a good question now. May be yet India is favorite but before the series has started I thought it will go like 4 – 3 in either of the team’s way probably India with a little more advantage. But of lot of people think otherwise, yes I know it’s the belief in your team that lead to such conclusion that It will go like 5 – 2 or even more decisive in India’s favor but reality is Australians are underdogs and once they come up to what they are capable of it will be a hell of battle.

Now at this moment both teams have two victories in their pocket, India having little edge for convincing wins but Australia on the other hand falling short of their full potential. Like in 4th ODI of the series they were on course of making 300 odd runs but their middle and lower middle order collapse alarmingly.

Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia, courtesy Wikipedia

Thats when I wonder how bad they will be missing Micheal Clark and/or Andrew Symonds which can not only provide solid support but some brutal power hitting in later stages of the inning. Anyway they got to move ahead and they have backups its just a matter of time. The way Aussies are having their power plays specially batting they look like impressed with Pakistanis.

Now from here on this is a proper series of 3 ODIs the decisive ones, then what about the last four well I will consider them dress rehearsal. After all what in this world a 7 ODI bilateral series is doing anyway. So far for me series will just start from next match between India and Australia 5th one, thanks both teams.

And from now on each team is going to have one each probably and then a final tussle to claim the series which will be treat to watch along these other two matches. Keep focus guys, have fun.


Champions Leauge: Refreshing for all but a nightmare for Lalit Modi

October 19, 2009
Champions League Twenty20

Champions League Twenty20, courtesy Wikipedia

So semi finalists of the Champions League have been decided and ironically there is no IPL team in them. How does this sound? Intimidating?

How is CL doing? or done or will do? is the question most frequently asked by cricket pundits and some fans. Others don’t care they are just enjoying cricket, a way to go. Here is what I think an answer of this from many of answers you can think of but I am not pundit I am just a cricket fan.

For me CL is a refreshing thing, after seeing two IPL seasons mostly Indian specific CL has expanded the club cricket overall. There are people back in Australia and Trinidad following their home town teams, for others it’s a matter of their country representation some how. Many are following their favorite local players, they don’t get enough chance to watch them on TV or in such atmosphere against such quality sides. All this is refreshing, I wish we had an entry from Pakistan but thats political can’t do anything about it. So overall its a good thing for cricket fans may be with some glitches and/or cons.

But for Lalit Modi this CL proved to be a nightmare so far, he was trying to expand his viewership. He did that by introducing IPL in South Africa which went very well but this time IPL isn’t able to get enough out of it. All IPL teams are out and aren’t able to make it to semi finals and were even at a scare of being eliminated from first round. Not a good advertisement/presentation at all you will say. IPL is already famous in India, people support their city or region team or the team they llike and they are already into it. So what if you can get followers all over the world, media rights, contracts, franchises, business and huge PR, thats what Lalit Modi thought. Well, they achieved it to some extent but not exactly for their likings. They are not able to advertise their own products instead they end up endorsing clubs from all over the world like T&T, NSW, Victoria, Cape Cobras. People like me know almost nothing about them before but now I will like to follow them and will like to grab any opportunity to find whats going on with them.

Perfect example or fairy tale is of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), they have grabbed so much fans, followers, well wishers and all that. They could have use it for so many things and betterment of cricket in their region and overall West Indies. But no IPL team has been able to impress any of the new viewer at all. So marketing wise its a disaster yet its great for cricket game.

How can we improve it? Here is what I think if we can add to CL we could make it an ultimate thing like UEFA Champions League.

  • Matches could possibly be home and away based giving chances to fans of each club able to support their team at their home ground. May be some tactical problems could be faced in it but it’s highly possible.
  • Teams complete home and away based round robin and advanced to next rounds which will also be home and away based.
  • Any advantage for an away victory? Well may be  YES or may be NO or it could be used to solve tie breakers? Sounds better than a super over right?
  • Semi Finals could also be home-away or at some neutral place randomly selected every year.
  • Final also at a randomly selected or strategically selected venue which should be changed every year.
  • As a bonus this will also allow them to include teams which are not able to visit certain parts of the world. It also inspires local clubs to work hard in local tournaments and improve themselves to have a go in CL.

Yes there will be many hurdles and problems in this specially related to revenue and infrastructure difference at different places but eventually conditions will improve. A wish to play in CL and get a hand on money, prizes and fame involved will encourage clubs to improve their cricketing standards and also will inspires new clubs to rise at local seen thus improving and expanding cricket overall. Though initially only for T2o but will get along for ODIs and may be tests too.

For me this sounds interesting as I would love to go and watch my local team playing against any other team at here in our local venue vice versa, but it might not sound interesting to others specially Indians who already having it at their door steps and not for Lalit Modi too he might end up sharing some pennies with other local clubs too which is not what he could ever think of.

Any one who think I am talking something here? or it’s just a far cry? whatever let me know in comments.

P.S. : I am supporting T&T and love to watch them taking the trophy and money home, not only they deserve it, it will do a lot good for them and West Indian cricket.


Younis Khan once again giving up? OR Stupid publicity stunt and media rash costing Pakistani cricket?

October 13, 2009

Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan Cricket, Image Wikipedia

I was not posting anything for past week even though I have enough things to write about. Partially because I was busy and mostly because I had so much anger and my head was spinning like a hell so I was afraid I might end up writing total shit here. All of this due to non-sense media of both countries Pakistan and India.

First Indians humiliate there all time better team for some defeats even they were missing their strongest point, batting, India is always largely dependent on batting but their power houses Sehwag and Yuvrag were missing and pillar of bowling attack Zaheer Khan wasn’t there and unfortunately Bhaji and Ishant didn’t performed at all. So this might also be Dhoni’s real test and time to think about providing some bowling balance and help to their strong batting. You need balance to shine in longer formats other than T20 even in T20 as largely presented in T20 Cup England by Pakistan and Sri Lanka. But media was all over every one specially Dhoni with humiliating and non sense reports and stuff.

Secondly, Pakistani media tried to follow after semi final defeat but they fell short and thanks to some wise heads and not so mad emotionalism in Pakistani people but defeats it was almost finished as it started. But some Indian friends thought ‘oh our media brothers need some help there in Pakistan’, so they come up with an absolute ridiculous, unbelievable report about match fixing. How the hell a reporter can write his nightmares in public media which is read by thousands if not millions of people worldwide which could humiliate someone some where, do they know anything about professional journalism, any small thing about ethics or even about some research or proof before spitting all over????

This had already pissed me off a lot but better was yet to come, it was by some desperate wannabe famous politician with ugliest name craving for some cheap publicity with his hanky panky statements. He accused his own team which is under his jurisdiction of sports committee he heads without any proof or even knowledge of the game. If you would ever listen to him talking to media you would think a fruit merchant on street might have a better idea about common sense.

I was just reading and feeling humiliation all that time and thinking what will happen now?  Somewhere in back of my mind I was worried about Younis Khan, he might have some hard time with these politicians and these kind of cheap statements as he is a Pathan afterall (emotional, proud, patriot and trigger happy) and guess what Younis Khan just offered his resign as a Caption of Pakistan team, what? Yes what worse could have happened?

Many of you might think he is not that a brilliant cricketer after all and this happens always in Pakistan. Yes he might not be a great great batsmen or cricketers but he is the one Pakistan cricket need desperately now. He is the man behind recent successes if any. He is the man behind making Pakistan team a Team. He is the man who know who to drive these guys along. He is the man who has a respect among majority of players. He also has enough respect in general crowd and Pakistani cricket lovers even though since his captaincy started he is under severe scrutiny either due to some uncontrollable factors to some absolutely self-created factors or troubles.

My mind is screaming to its limits and I can write pages after pages in this, but I would not get carried away. I will conclude it with these comments and will hope for your comments:

Do Pakistan cricket need Younis Khan? I say: A big YES.

Does Younis Khan’s resign justifies in current situation? I say: He is bit more emotional or pathanish* but this have to be stopped ball tempering on a win and match fixing on a loss, this is absolutely rubbish.

What should have happen now? I say: His resign should be rejected but we should prepare him to face this upfront. It should be strictly avoided in future.”

What you say?

Pakistan vs Australia in Champions Trophy, a contest within a contest and Aisf come back?

September 29, 2009
Pakistan Crickt Team

Pakistan Crickt Team

Pakistan vs Australia is a contest within a contest. It is turning out to be another big game involving Pakistan as both teams will enter the ground with unique view of the match.

Australia is looking for a victory to make it through to semi-final, so they will do their best. Pointing and guys will come hard at Pakistan as their recent form suggests. Their overall record post 1999 world cup is very strong against Pakistan and they have enjoyed playing Pakistan. This time around they found them in a kind of knockout situation, so they would love to win to make sure. On the other hand India will probably wishing good luck to Pakistan, Irony isn’t it?

Australia will enter with its full strength and force but missing Clark badly. Bracken is also injured but I think they have alternatives for him but Clark is a must have in these kind of matches specially against a spin pair of Saeed Ajmal and Afridi. Pakistan will probably use their spinners as main attack so it will be interesting to watch how effectively they tackle spinners.

Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia, Image Courtesy Wikipedia

Pakistan is in good form and momentum in Champions Trophy and yet the only un-beaten team (Played 2 won 2). But Pakistan is probably going to change the line up for this particular match to give rest to some injured players like Imran Nazir, Younis Khan (he probably will not miss this match). They would also like to give a chance to their bench strength specially Mohammad Asif who is waiting for his come back in International Cricket after nearly two years.

This is the best time to give a chance to Asif as Pakistan is already through to semi-final and they would love to give some match practice to Asif although this match isn’t just another dead rubber for Pakistan, they are very keen to win against a team like Australia as repeatedly said by Younus Khan. He will probably replace Umar Gull who was in a little disarray (too short) in last match against India but I would also like to give rest to Aamer. He is young passionate and will be very keen to perform against the world class batsmen but he is bowling very regularly and in long spells. It is better not to exhaust him, what you think?

Saeed Ajmal vs Pointing is another little contest popping up after Ajmal’s wish to get Pointing’s wicket. But Ajmal and Afridi vs Australian batsmen will also be  something interesting to watch. Pakistan will probably use them as a main force. But this time around I would love to see fast bowlers leading from front for some change specially when Asif is coming back as a new ball attack.

This match will also decide Indian chances to make it to semi finals, If Pakistan is able to beat Australia then India will need to beat West Indies by some good margin to make sure they go ahead by net run rate but interestingly when Pakistan vs Australia match result will be possible they will be almost half way through to their match which is kind of unique situation. So Indians are you with Pakistan? lol.

So another interesting match waiting for us, I better get some sleep before proceeding will start.