West Indies will win 4-1 against Australia – Guru Gayle

February 7, 2010

Hello! What? Aussies might probably have a good laugh at it but what a man he is. This is wonderful I am just stunned the way he said all this. First reaction was like oh thats our dear Gayle not good with words and statements he is open but little too open.

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Tait on fire, Pup the Captain, Kamran the Brutal, Gul the flower and fast food cricket

February 6, 2010

First, the Aussie fan in me speaks:

Shaun Tait: only a few days ago I wrote the hailing post about him, hope you’ve watched the video, it is phenomenal, anyway. When I saw the Aussie lineup consisting of
Tait, Nannes, Watson, it was clear that the Pakistani batting would face a serious challenge, all three of them are precise and deadly. Utterly deadly.

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Afridi is dumb Aussie is drunk and ICC is dumber

February 3, 2010

Video by Cricket Online Tv

5th ODI between Pakistan and Australia in Perth was an extra ordinary match due to many reasons related to cricket and some not entirely related to cricket. This match and events happened during the match are in talks over last few days and their is lot of fuss going on as it is constantly the case with Pakistan team whenever they are invloved in some thing. They have become a sweet which attracts every fly in town. Whose fault? I guess its sweet’s? or Sweet’s owner who isn’t protecting it properly to avoid all this.

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PLAY FOR COUNTRY NOT FOR SELF – our co-author Wes has her own blog now

February 1, 2010


You must remember we had a pleasant addition to this blog couple of weeks ago in form of a very talented writer who join us. She put some posts here, here, here and you guys like them (I can tell 😉 ). She is Wes.
News is now she had her own blog in this wild world, yes and she named it


amazing right? I here want to congrats her on this achievement, yes it is hard to get some inspiration and start writing stuff ask any blogger and he will tell.

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U19 World Cup Final Pakistan vs Australia Watch out for

January 29, 2010

Final is underway and the news is Pakistan’s captain Ghumman won the toss and elected to field first on apparently good looking batting surface, interesting kid!

This is going  to be a good battle within their own standards. Both team are pretty good and at this age and in these players game it is hard to predict anything. Talent wise again both teams are strong but Pakistan  having a little more edge.

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Punter and MoYo at Shooting of a Comedy Film for Bollywood

January 29, 2010

Rickey Poinitng

The Punter

Take# 1 22-Jan-2010 :

Punter: Hey MoYo, let see how well you can do this, its your turn first.

MoYo: oh, ahan, hmm ok We will, yeah let’s do it.

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Australia vs Pakistan 3rd ODI Preview and Play offs of Potential Series Decider

January 25, 2010

Adelaide Oval

Welcome to the potential decider of the ODI series between Oz and  Pakistan at Adelaide Oval.
This will be pretty much the last time that Pakistan plays at this legendary historical ground,

because after the ongoing renovations it will look like this.

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