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April 16, 2010

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PLAY FOR COUNTRY NOT FOR SELF – our co-author Wes has her own blog now

February 1, 2010


You must remember we had a pleasant addition to this blog couple of weeks ago in form of a very talented writer who join us. She put some posts here, here, here and you guys like them (I can tell 😉 ). She is Wes.
News is now she had her own blog in this wild world, yes and she named it


amazing right? I here want to congrats her on this achievement, yes it is hard to get some inspiration and start writing stuff ask any blogger and he will tell.

>>

Hi Folks! from a German but Cricket lover and our new co-author

January 21, 2010

Today I am very excited to tell you guys that this Reverse Swing thing I started about 5 months ago has achieved a little milestone. I never though of it would as it was just a new adventure for me as I am always looking for new things to do to avoid similarities in daily life. But this thing has grown little bit more than I anticipated. It is attracting some visitors and I made some very very good friends over here, yeaaah!!!.

So what is new? I got a co-author. She is native German but had developed very good appetite and eye for cricket. What she brings to this place is her light, brief but interesting posts which this place needs a lot as I mostly drawn into serious things as I am crazy, obviously.

Ok enough of me, here is how she introduce herself and her love for cricket and her tragedies while following Pakistan cricket *lol*. I truly and whole heartedly welcome her aboard.


Hello guys and girls, my name’s Wes, I’m a cricket fan from Germany, native German not an immigrant, thus fairly new to the sport but utterly addicted and mad. Mudassar aka Maddy The Mad offered me to write a post on his blog every now and then and I’m very thankful for this opportunity and his willingness to let me ruin his blog hehe. Apologies for my unstylish English.

Anyway, initially I started to follow Australia but broadened my interests to the Kiwis and Saffas, and now I’ve also been supporting Pakistan for a short while and it is killing me.

I have grey hair with single tufts torn out with desperation, and my heart goes start-stop like an old engine and my fingers are chewed down to short stumps. How can a Pakistani, who has followed the team since his birth, make it past his 30s? Alive, that is? This is a crazy rollercoaster ride, up and down all the time, just when you get euphoric and hopeful it’s like a plane crashing down and you just want to lock yourself up in the darkest cave and not get out again for two weeks.

But there is always something to keep your hope alive, one or two straws you can clutch to, may it be the outstanding bowling or single good innings by several batsmen, or the occasional stunning catch and determined dives in the field. And then you think, “Look at this enormous potential, they MUST win a game for Fred’s sake? No?” And you think if all team members managed to perform to their potential at the same time, if they managed to play like an orchestra, well coordinated, and used the full capacity of their brains, they would just blow the opposition away.

But somehow you can’t get them to do so. You can bet your arse that exactly those 50% of the team that did outstanding in the previous innings will fail again, and vice versa. And then the selection carousel starts spinning again. It makes you throw your hands in the sky in despair. It is like repairing a circular fence, you are hammering your way around it step by step, but wherever you have fixed it, it will break down again behind you and so you keep running and hammering for the rest of your life and never get the work done.

Now, I do not have the insight in Pakistani domestic cricket to say what has to be done especially in the Test department, but obviously there are enough people who could tear the rudder around and steer the boat into the right direction, so that at least over the long term we could see some improvement of the basics like fielding and thoughtful batting. And now that the Pakistani players have been rejected by the IPL, aren’t they available for those rumoured batting and fielding camps? 😉

I will keep following the rollercoaster team and keep laughing and crying with them, because those intense emotions also create a very strong bond. Australia feel like close relatives to me, I seem to know them and their minds like my own pocket. But if you go out on a Saturday night you will probably not go with your mum, but pick the interesting people 😀
Go Pakistan!



So guys we will soon read her other interesting posts keep in touch, Thanks for making this place valuable.

Pakistan may play a series against ICC World XI to help raise funds for PCB

December 7, 2009

Pakistan can play a series against ICC World XI to help raise funds for PCB which it lost due to cancellation of home series, yea right this is the latest development by ICC task force to help revive cricket in Pakistan. 

It surely looks like a good idea if such a series can happen in UK or UAE, places with most Pakistan support around the world since there will be no cricket back home in Pakistan in near future. It will also help raise some money and will show world focus on reviving cricket in Pakistan. But question is, is it really a solution? 

Well, no. However it is good idea for one time but it is not a solution at all. Best solution is if Pakistan get fair amount of series in home, yes that is currently not possible and is also not in hands of ICC or PCB. So alternatively Pakistan is playing on neutral venues against other teams which are not producing enough money for them. As the current series is Pakistan home series but actually Pakistan is playing in New Zealand opponents home. So virtually no profit at all. Similarly next is against Australia in Australia, nothing for Pakistan. 

Next summer there will be two series in England which are Pakistan home series where it has been reported that it will be profit as well as spectators for Pakistan like home. So lets hope if this happen true and PCB could bag some bucks. 

Problem with such series is there is always extra expenses playing in those countries as England will surely cost Pakistan for providing facilities and also will get a part of profit as UAE did in recent ODI series there. I seriously doubt that England might be still getting more profit than Pakistan by those series if they prove successful which is highly likely as one is against England the actual home team and other is against Australia another well followed team in UK. So what Pakistan will gain at the end?

Yes of course Pakistan will be happy to play cricket specially test cricket after some shortage of it which is always good to develop a team like Pakistan that too against very good teams. Pakistan also needs a series against India at any such neutral venue that will really help the cause of funds as well as some highly famous competitive series. UK is a best place for such series as both teams have a huge support there already witnessed in ICC T20 world cup matches.

So situation right now is encouraging as well as worrying as after all you can not justify a home series against a neutral series plus what about stripping off of Champions Trophy and World Cup. There is not alternatives for such huge loss.

Whats Up in Champions Trophy till now Sep 24th

September 25, 2009

Hi Guys, I am back after a week lay off. My week was great had some quality time with my family in home town, had great EID holidays.

During my absence Champions Trophy kicked off with somewhat un-expected result in first match. Sri Lanka trashed South Africa in rain effected match though rain doesn’t affect the result much. It was once again Dilstruction happened to SA and then when they were looking to give it a chase Mendis once again horrifies the opponents in his first outing against them. And most interestingly my first prediction went wrong yahoooooooo.

Pakistan won against Windies second tier team with some effort on a good lively pitch. Bowling was very good early on reducing WI to 47/7 but then they got relax and allowed them yes they actually allowed them to add 80 odd runs to 47/7. Those 80 could have cost big time if couple of more wickets had fallen but thanks to Umar Akmal and some rare Afridi’s sensibility they were home comfortably at the end. Best thing about the match was the role of youngsters specially Aamer and Umar Akmal plus some good discipline and willing to compete at this level by West Indies.

In third match South Africa keep their hopes alive by beating New Zealand which once again suffered not so good batting performance. NZ seriously need some performances/performers in their batting line up. They bowled well (not great) but the total was too less for a team like SA and pitch like  Centurion. 

Today is the fourth match and till now Sri Lanka is in trouble on a very green bouncy swinging surface. Strauss won the toss and elected to field which met with some criticism right away but they took four wickets in first 5 overs. Very interesting, England is getting some life after ODI nightmare back home and making Group B very interesting (too early? full match is still on, ok).

What happened to me? Well I did some traveling, visiting country side, visiting our farms and agricultural land meeting relatives, oh well I was able to watch 50% of first match. 90% of Pak vs WI. 0% of SA vs NZ on tv. Got access to internet for 30 mins only in whole week and so and so on. 

Pakistan vs India game tomorrow is the biggest attraction of this week and probably whole ICCCT 2009 and my next post will be match preview and prediction too *fingers crossed*. Don’t forget to check my predictions here for ICCCT 2009

See you soon. Cheers

Happy EID Mubarik – I am away for a week

September 17, 2009

No more team reviews? Lazy again? ah no I am very busy and relay disappointed for not putting up more team reviews. Did it disappoint any one else? Don’t think so because currently no rush here, just some people wondering around visit my shit and these reviews aren’t such great things too, I mean what the hell I was writing in them, who doesn’t know that?

Ok ok enough of justification but still it is not cool I haven’t completed team reviews specially of Australia and India. May be will do it soon.

For now as I will be out of touch for a week for EID holidays back in my home town with my family chilling pilling of course watching cricket too. No more blogging there, no more writing shit for some days but will be back with a bang.

This post is to say a very very Happy Eid Mubarik to all of the muslims around and Pakistanis. For all other have fun with first couple of days of ICC Champions Trophy, I will join you from 24th September.

once again:


to all and specially to Pakistan Team with best of luck 🙂

First Template

September 8, 2009

Ok, I have finally selected a templete for Reverse Swing, I hope You will like it. But this is just a temporary template as I told you I am a wordpress developer so I will made a custom template for this blog very soon (Hope I got time for that) the only problem is I am not a designer so I might have some problem with grphics of the template but let see how creative I am 😉

Theme’s details:

Fadtastic by Andrew Faulkner

A bright and fluid 3-column theme with double the widgets for double the fun.

So have fun, cheers 🙂