Sachin Tendulkar! What is next?

February 24, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar 200* in ODI

Sachin Tendulkar 200* in ODI, Cricinfo.

Am I late to the party, probably is as lot of people are getting hits they only dream for 1 liner “Sachin you are God” so well done guys, actually well done Sachin you did it for all.

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Harbhajan Singh still know how to take wickets and Hashim Amla you beauty

February 18, 2010

I am usually into putting up long posts with some intention and on topics which made me itching and for that I need time which is a rare luxury these days for me. But these two guys make me do this, a short little hasty basty post.

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IPL, Pakistani players and Mr Modi’s ego wagging along

January 20, 2010

None of Pakistani player attracted a single bid at IPL-3 auction, wow incredible? But what were they doing in the final Auction list then?

Greater power brings greater responsibility! BCCI and IPL now giants of cricket economics they should handle this in a better way and give respect to other nations and players, I agree franchises should not risk their money on a fragile relations between two countries but if a every dumb in the world knows both country have problems and are not ready to welcome each other players than why IPL or their Govt. don’t have balls to say it loud.

All this should have been stoped at the moment it started couple of months ago and it should have been made clear that Indian Govt. will not be able to welcome and allow visas, so no Pakistani in IPL. But instead our genius dumb Mr. Modi and his friends started double standard games by putting pressure on Pakistan authorities and players to get NOCs, clearance and deadlines even they know at that time they will not be able to play Pakistani player in IPL’s third edition. They were acting like they are having goose bumps for getting Pakistani players in their golden babe IPL.

It is perfectly acceptable to anyone that inviting Pakistani player in India may create some problems for IPL as tension between two nations  isn’t eased off yet and due to some conspiracy theories and some action people of both countries think of each other trying to kill them and stuff. Although there isn’t a single evidence of any hate or harsh action by cricket fans of both countries against players except some candid Ball Thakray’s pitch invasion. Mr.  Modi had a perfect excuse specially after Mumabi attacks so why don’t use it why playing games with a cricket loving nation and their players. Don’t Mr. Genius have the guts to say it at face the moment they asked him to let them in?

IPL ended up humiliating and disrespecting an entire nation of billions of cricket loving people who love the game and love to see any possibility of their players competing with rest of the world. I am not much disappointed as no Pakistani player is in IPL as they deserve it somewhat by not giving first priority to their real job but I am really very disappointed the way this has been handled. Now dear Modi can have 101 reasons to justify it but reality is same the situation is no different than what it was couple of months ago, whatever reason they give now was true couple of months ago too so they could have simply finish this business by simply denying it at that time. You can’t fool everyone, isn’t it obvious every franchise had their home done and that home work doesn’t include any Pakistani player in their plans. This is just not a selection committee it is a damn business with lot of money involved so they must had asked Indain Govt. and IPL authorities about the status of Pakistani players which was a simple No, but if that No was made public some months ago all this could have been avoided.

As far as Pakistani players are concerned I somehow feel it is better they stay away from IPL even though they are very excited about it after all how don’t want some easy earned bucks. But they should concentrate on making up for their national fans and team who they are continuously disappointing one way or other.

All of those who think by these act of hypocrisy one can marginalize Pakistan cricket, they need to wake up. It’s a nations only big sport and they love it. It is in a hole right now due to some good for nothing administrators and politics involved but it will rise and will rise soon. It is just a matter of time and right persons.

And Finally:

Happy new IPL 3 dear MODI you did it again, you earned enough TRP and media space even months before the start of IPL you really are a genius hats off to you Sir.

Irony or what? India and Sri Lanka both depending on Pakistan and England they lost to

September 28, 2009
India Cricket Team

India Cricket Team, Image Courtesy Wikipedia

Well isn’t it beauty of this current Champions Trophy format? India from group A and Sri Lanka from group B will be depending on the results of two other games to qualify for semis. Basically they will be wishing a win with some margin to Pakistan and England against their opponents Australia and New Zealand respectively. It is interesting that both India Sri Lanka have lost their own matches against Pakistan and England respectively.

In Group A, India need Pakistan to win against Australia by any margin but more the margin more will be better for them. But they will have to go hard on West Indies from the word go as India West Indies match will start half way through Pakistan Australia match, means India will enter the ground with no surety at all. They will hear the news mid way but professionally they should go for a big win against WI to marginalize Australian chances by net run rate. But remember that match is on a bouncy Wanderers, may a bit of bother for Indian batting. Cricinfo explained What India need to do to go through. So I reckon Indian to memories Dil Dil Pakistan for the moment although I will be surprised to see Indian supporters supporting Pakistan at Centurion.

Sri lanka Cricket Team

Sri Lanka Cricket Team, Image Courtesy Wikipedia

In Group B, Sri Lanka will be looking for New Zealand defeat by some margin at least more than 20 runs or so, did some one have calculations? New Zealand win they are through but if not all eyes will be on NRR to decide second semi finalist from group B. Sri Lanka can’t do a thing they can just sit some where in front of TV and watch how their fate is decided in Champions Trophy 2009.

On the other hand India has an option of action in the middle but that will be only effective if Pakistan is able to continue their undefeated run against Australia in a match starting just 5 hours before Indian match.

This is the spice a tournament needed to be a successful one. This time around ICC got it right, we will probably have no dead rubber instead excitement and thrill is getting more and more as it is progressing either for the teams in action in middle or for the one sitting in their hotel room.

So next two days are very interesting and exciting, enjoy!

Did Pakistan won or India lost it? or was it Media?

September 28, 2009

It was the match I was waiting for since I knew the fixture. There was some hype about it, and finally it happened match lived almost up to its expectations. We had seven hours of tense, thrilling quality cricket. And today is the third day after the match  but I didn’t wrote a thing about it since then, I don’t believe it I was so eager to write a lot about it but what happened?

First I got relaxed when Pakistan won phewwww. Next day I read some blogs, check out articles saw news reports and damn more and more I read or saw more and more I got upset. What the hell was that? Are they out of their mind specially Indian media.

I noticed two things in most of the stuff I read, either they sound like India lost it not Pakistan won it or  the team played best won, it was all about how India lost it or give it away as it was a sure win for them or they all were crushing Indian players very hard with a feeling as they lost it deliberately. 

I don’t think so I think it was a good cricket match between two quality cricketing teams. Both of the team played well but the team played best won. Let’s go through the match once again and see what happened.

Toss was going to play some part as it was a good batting pitch India’s strength is batting so they would like to put some runs early on to put Pakistan under pressure while chasing. Pakistan strength was bowling and batting was little concern but they were still looking to bat first make some defendable total and give their bowlers a chance to defend it and they won the toss and elected to bat.

India got early wickets specially of dangerous Imran Nazir and Kamran Akmal with Younus Khan who always has performed well against India and put Pakistan under pressure at 65/3. But Indian fast bowling attack wasn’t up to the mark except Nehra. At that stage India wasn’t able to put some extra pressure on new batsmen who were struggling at the moment specially Malik. They did manage to keep a check on run rate but ODI is all about wickets at regular intervals. 

Spinners like Harbajhan who was considered to be main asset of Indian attack was either little short or down the leg side against the likes of Muhammad Yousuf who is master in placing the ball in gaps and taking singles and doubles which actually provide a momentum to the innings. 

Once they got their grip on it Mallik went for a kill and did it pretty well, here again India wasn’t able to either break the partnership or check the run rate. It was a bad day in field for India. But they managed to keep a check in batting powerplay where Pakistan was in a position to kill but they lost too many wickets and fell 20 or 25 runs short of what they could have achieved.

At that moment I thought good total but it would have been great if they had 20 or 25 more runs on the board on that pitch. India could have reached it by two or more good partnerships. Pakistan also started well taking the wicket of Sachin the dangerous specially against Pakistan hats off to Aamir who has the temperament and talent, his wish of getting Sachin wicket came true pretty soon.

Ghambir is always aggressive and fuming against Pakistan as he was that day and he put some pressure on Pakistan side by giving a reasonable speed to chase. His awful run out, what he was thinking of not rolling his bat not making any effort to dive after a bad call or hurry to run by him, he should have that hurry to get back to the crease too. That was a very important wicket. Pakistani fast bowlers specially Umar gull wasn’t at their best but were fractionally better than Indians.

Then spinners really made the difference, Pakistani spin duo Afridi and Ajmal were much better then Indian spin. They attacked batsmen with flight and pitched the ball up. There was some turn in the pitch too. At some stage in the middle of the innings near 30 overs dew factor was in play, Pakistanis were drying the ball more regularly. Turn was absent, that is the time when Raina give a real scare, he batted well for that period of time. At that stage it was looking like a tense and close finish once again. 

Pakistan put the breaks on once again by some good bowling, Afridi was the man with key wickets. Saeed Ajaml also got key wickets specially trapping Raina in front. Dravid was run out a bad one which almost seal the feat. After that Pakistan was in control and keep check on Yusuf pathan and Harbhjan and get rid of tail.

It was a solid performance from Pakistan, India tried well they just didn’t lose it. They fought and at some phases of the match in both innings they looked in control but Pakistan was little too good that day. Pakistan also need to improve at different things to keep this run successful till the final and beyond.

India’s main problem is with bowling, Dhoni was feeling two or three bowlers short so they are playing with 5 bowlers today but still they are not looking good Australian innings is moving fluently in this important game. It isn’t just a matter of number of bowlers, they need at least two or three bowlers with penetration who could perform regularly for them.

The point is, that match was a good one as expected. Why so much fuss, hate and talk, why going so hard at the team which provided with good performances in last two years because India didn’t win and that was against Pakistan? well it’s a sport so keep it a sport emotions are good hype is good for cricket but take it easy on team, it is a game and no one wins every day. Cricket is a funny game and a small difference could lead to loss and there were more than one difference that day. India can come back with bang today against Australia they have the potential and strength they just need execution.

May the better win.

Pakistan vs India, what is going to happen?

September 26, 2009

Its time guys, it is almost time, just 40 minutes more and you will start to witness most probably the ODI of the year 2009 Pakistan vs India , 26th September, ICC Champions Trophy 2009.

So let me do a little analysis quickly before it starts.


Indian team is a very balanced team on paper and has all the fire power specially in batting, yet they will miss their two top guns Yuvraj and Sehwag so they will look for Sachin and Dravid to make some runs for them in top order. Probably Sachin will open for them with Ghambir who is back from injury.

India has some problem in bowling specially missing Zaheer Khan but yet they have some good bowlers. They have to rely on at least one part-time bowler. Sachin did well against Pakistan in past with bowl, they have Raina too as a part timer.


Pakistan is also a pretty good balanced team. Top order is explosive but it has to stay for a while on pitch to ease out the pressure on middle order. Then middle order have to chip in and take them to a reasonable total as they have just won the toss and elected to bat first which is a good thing for Pakistan according to conditions. Some fire power is present in late middle order.

Pakistan bowling is their strong point. They have good attack with Aamer doing very well. Umar Gul and Rana Naveed will support him with new ball also in depth Umar Gul is very good and accurate. Saeed Ajmal and Shahid Afridi will be key bowlers on this pitch which already support spinner Mendis and van de Merwa.

So now Pakistan need to put some decent total on board and then their bowler have to do their job and contain them.

What will Happen

Well its very hard to tell,very hard. But with being emotional I will give a little more favor to Pakistan, why? They have already played a match in ICCCT 2009 and won it, they also won both warm up matches. They also won the toss and elected to bat first which is also an advantage on this pitch in Centurion.

But don’t forget India is a very good team and they are doing pretty well recently. So they will give it a their 100% and it will be a cracking battle. So lets not waste any more time and get ready for match which is going to start in minutes now.

Enjoy the battle of the year (Probably)!