Sydney to Hobart a journey with baby sitting and brotherhood soap, finale begins opera


Sydney to Hobart a journey with baby sitting and brotherhood soap opera, yes thats what it is actually like a soap opera from Sydney defeat to final squad selection for Hobart is all like soap opera and here is its characters, script, plot and story:

Pakistan put Aussies on way too back foot at first day of Sydney test and started what was going to be a long long nightmare for them.

They continued playing good for 3 solid days, people started to wonder what the hell is going on?

On 4th day, they said wohoooo we are back and did what they only can do best in world.

Kamran Akmal dropped 4 catches to start soap opera’s next episode, ok ok and a missed run out too.

As expected voices started to raise as usual from Pakistan and all around the world.

Yousuf got the initial blame and said some good things mixed in some blind shooters.

After not getting enough hot things from Yousuf media turned to poor Kami Bhai (Kamran Akmal).

PCB without waisting time send a new wicket keeper to Australia which they initially pulled out after New Zealand.

Yousuf and Kamran himself said Kamran will play as wicket keeper with all his butter gloves.

Some genious thought Kamran may have done some baby sitting that night otherwise how can he drop those and all other idiots clapped on that.

Umar had sore back one day and didn’t practiced so some other idiot oh Kami may be pushing him not play in protest, hows that for a headline, Aussies press said ah love it.

I seriously don’t know how they made Pointing on that but he was also enjoying the brotherhood, I think he reading too much newspaper and blogs in last week.

Will Kami play? Will Kami not play? this pendulum keep vibrating for a good week and everybody had a fair share out of it.

Finally heard the news that Kamran bhai will not play and younger bhai is better after some painkillers and ready to roll. Kamran get some moral support from people too for his relief.

Oh talking about support, Geof Lawson obviously had a good time with Pakistan team couple of years ago so he had some hot sexual conversations with those knucklehead journalists spreading all the shit. Surprised! Well foreign coaches have always like Pakistan team and developed some relations more than coaching like Bob Wolmer and Lawson.

Probably all settled, much-needed changes done but with not so good replacement. Malik for Misbah their names are even not so different. Khurram for Faisal well leave it. Aamer for Sami arguable and probably good one. Srafraz for Kami don’t ask again?

So here we are in Hobart 14th Jan 2010.

Oh man can Yousuf win a single toss at least? Punter won it again and decided to bat first with that ugly sheepish smile.

Ready to rock n roll. But here is some thing for you to think or guess:

Which of the Pakistan team will turn in Hobart:

  • Desperate to do better.
  • Inspirational to complete what they left in Sydney.
  • Face saving.
  • Take it easy its over.
  • Worse than ever.
  • Who the hell can even think about Pakistan team predictions.

Should I make a poll of above?

I think a whitewash 3 – 0 is most probable here with some chances of 2-0 for the Aussies.


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