Dear Geoffery Boycott jumping on the ball isn’t “So What?”

Yesterday January 11 2010, Mr Geoffery BoyCott had a new article on his official site about which amazes me a lot. I respect him a lot as a player as a commentator and cricket writer plus speaker as he has quite and insight about what is going on and is often has the best of the views about the issues. I am reading and listening to him a lot over the years and I am a fan like others.

But I am sorry to say Boycott had it wrong this time to some extent. Ball-tampering has been a very serious and exclusive issue in cricket over decades now. We have seen some very strict actions and rules against it. He and you dear readers must know the rules better than me. But I am not sure what has caused this that he is all of a sudden on the other side of usual Geoffery Boycott.

Why I am writing this? If you haven’t read the article yet go here and read or I am adding some extract from it so you can rely on them too. I also recommend you to see the real incident in highlights some where. And I know your impressions will be same as of dear Boycott but my point is little different here.

Let start with this, keep in mind the status of a writer like him and his status in international cricket experts who is more of an International writer then some Pome doing it for a local daily.

So Stuart Broad stood on the ball. So what?

Awesome, so you are suggesting player should have done some jumping on the ball often. Why is it So what? now when it was quite a big thing earlier may be because some Englishmen is involved in it?

The disappointing thing is that we have watched another wonderful Test match. Everyone should be remembering the quality of the cricket, the excitement and the drama. Instead much of the focus has been on England’s non-existent ball-tampering. Let’s bury that now, and not mention it again.

There were some pretty amazing matches ruined earlier sir. If this is ignorable now why it was such a great matter in past, I will give an example of forfeited Test of 2006 between England and Pakistan, there wasn’t any clear evidence of ball-tampering then as it is now but that test will always be remembered as a test in which Pakistan was being accused of ball-tampering and being punished for that by field umpires.

Something is wrong with the ball

Something is wrong with the ball after Barbie boy jumped over it, Cricinfo

Remember! I am not saying Broad and Anderson were actually tampering with ball condition purposefully, they might just be little negligence of rules and common sense, as in case of Broad he shlould know he have fucking nails under his foot which could have damaged the ball and if he was so lazy on the field he probably should have been sleeping in hotel room rather than playing for his country and in case of Anderson it is a very clear rule that you should go to umpire or do whatever you want to do with the ball (scratching some mud etc) in front of them than doing it some where alone making yourself suspicious.

I am just wondering what would have Mr. Boycott written in those line if some other team’s player probably from South Asia, Pakistan, India or even South Africa were involved in such incidents. I think Mr. Boycott had a feeling of what we have felt over the years every time we have accused of ball-tampering without any evidence whatsoever like New Zealand’s genius captain did after humiliating defeat in T20 WC in England, June 2009 or once again the Oval test 2006 or others over the course of history.

It is one of the hardest thing of being called cheat when you actually aren’t and you are right in feeling it but it is also very hard being a victim of double standards and that too from someone like you Mr. Boycott  a truly international figure, it is right to protect your team against such fuzz created by media but it also right to protect anyone from anywhere being victim of this as an international speaker Mr. Boycott. I would love to know some of your honest views about earlier such incidents if you may?

Ok, I sound pissed in this post and actually I am little bit as after decades we are still not able to get rid of some racism, favoritism, blockism and powerism from the highest level of cricket management and correspondents. And I believe Cricket will not be able get to the heights where ICC want it to be nor it will expand to more and more regions around the world if we will not make it a transparent jiggle free controversy free sports.

To add to above all when I tried to comment on that post of Mr. Boycott, his blog accused me by 101 reasons of being a spam or something not allowed even I tried 3 different networks, so what is point of being putting a comment box there if you don’t accept comments?

By the way my comment was something like this:

Dear Sir Boycott,

Don’t ignore it only if English bowlers are involved in it, there isn’t any separate rules or ethics for them. Why isn’t it a big deal when it can be a big BIG deal if any of other teams specially Pakistan or south Asian or even South African players had done it.

Well, I am not getting racist but If Oval’s test (Pakistan v England) could be a so big deal  even there wasn’t any proof about ball tempering like this then why the hell this can’t be after obvious footages?

I am not saying that it might be a case of alleged ball tampering, they might have accidentally did that but it is worth reporting for sure and rest should be on match referee and officials to decide.


Sorry this was a lame post but I had to let it out can’t help.


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