Day by Day Progress – New Year Sydney Test 2010 – Pakistan v Australia

NOTE: This is a continous post for 5 days just like test cricket so keep visiting for daily dose, thanks.

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DAY 1:

00:30 GMT : So far it is little pink out their as MacGrath foundation is selling out their pink shirts all over and its the main news otherwise little bit drizzle earlier in the morning and little more when they started to feel little comfortable about the out field has forced us away from toss and final teams announcement.

Mohammad Aamer and Simon Katich are expected to left out due to injuries. Pakistan is expected to make at least three changes but nothing else for Austrlia so far.

Wait is on for action to start.

01:20 GMT : Early lunch taken. Play probably after lunch but probably.

02:07 GMT : Lunch is over but no confirm thing yet, covers are on and ground staff is working their ass out. Its annoying.

02:30 GMT : So we finally have a toss Australia once again won it and are going to bat first and I was pretty sure if Pakistan had won it they will bowl and thats what Yousuf said, Pakistanis are pretty obssessed with overcast conditions and they love to bowl in that but they may be little afraid of facing bowling in overcast conditions with a fragile batting line up.

Teams announced as expected one change for Australia Hughes for Katich, so we got that opening pair split up which had a great success recently, is it a positive or are we going to see Hughes doing it hard to cement his place?

Pakistan has three changes also expected, Aamer injured out for Gul, Abdur Rauf out for Sami and Ajmal for Kaneria. So almost a completely different attack than MCG as individuals are concerned but pretty identical in nature or may be better combination. Let see how they keep it up.

02:50 GMT : So now a thought, Sami can bat a bit better then Abdu Rauf for sure and Umar Gul can hit ball here and there a bit as he did once in New Zealand  but can’t defend better then Aamer any way. Kaneria is not better then Ajmal in batting. So do we have a better wagging tail or not? ok let see.

02:55 GMT : Pakistan bowling attack is looking good for this test depending on how Sami and Gul will performs and put an effort in it. It is big for Sami if he want to be counted he had put everything in it. I am pretty confident about Asif and Kaneria.

Pakistan need to start well and hold Australian in first inning, we lost last match due to first two days so here we had to be strong at start an then throughout. Don’t let them pile up easy runs on board.

03:00 GMT : Live action now …… Asif to Watson.

03:05 GMT : Umar Akmal dropped Hughes on his first ball and Sami first ball on their returns, thats stupid, it is pissing me off.

03:17 GMT : Ok no damge due to drop catch as Hughes gave one more at slip and no drop this time so no run for him on return and a wicket for Sami.

03:19 GMT : Punter is gone for another short pitch ball on his first ball wow. Good ball good plan and good field placement, way to go Pakistan, match in on fire now.

03:20 GMT : On hat trick Sami and there is review. wow wow wait for it now.

03:21 GMT : Ok no hat trick, it hit on his toe so not a catch and pitched outside off so now LBW. Good bowling, good comeback Sami.

03:39 GMT : Sami on fire, got Watson the danger man on a seriously good ball at a very good pace. Away movement of the seam and Watson can’t do much on that edged to keeper Kamran Akmal.

That ball was a treat to watch by Sami.

03:50 GMT : Umar Gul replacing Asif and he is looking for some form in bowling an luck and this is a good time to get one.

Ok Gul is getting little bit back as he had Clark in trouble twice, one hit him in the danger zone under stomach and Clark was in some pain.

04:32 GMT : Asif gets Clark clean bowled by his trade mark in swinger. Important breakthrough when they were looking to fight back. Beautiful ball perfect.

So it is 4 for 37, Australia need some work to do and then they can trust Pakistan batting for a collapse in these conditions.

That ball initially went out in air for a bit and then came back sharply at a very teasing length inviting to be driven. That’s the special of Asif and thats when people tend to compare him with McGrath.

04:42 GMT : A review once again against North for an LBW shot given out and North challenged, everything was alright but it was just over the wicket due to that bounce in green pitch. To naked eye it was dead in front but technology give the benefit of that little hight doubt to batsman. And Aussies commentators are nervous too, he dumb fully said it was Pakistan review second time when they were Australian reviews, nice going buddies.

Question: Is review also giving a little benefit to batsman as other changes in cricket in last decade?

04:51 GMT : Australia’s first 50 as a team in match after loosing 4 wickets, 50 for 4 hard earned. 50 came of two consecutive fours hmm nice.

05:00 GMT : Asif is on hat trick and missed it, its the fourth one in these two tests and all missed. He got good going Hussey trying to play a pull shot and then North on next ball with an outside edge to Kamran, that was a goo ball too. o good  bowling Pakistan is pumped up making life harder for Australia.

57 for 6 and 15 min short of tea.

05:15 GMT : And Pakistan is not dropping those catches any more and they usually don’t when they are this dominant. Yousuf took another catch of Haddin for Asif who got four now. Asif is bowling really well now at perfect line and lengths for these conditions.

Can we have one more before tea?

05:20 GMT : Tea Day 1: And Pakistan is right on top with Australia wondering at 67 for 7. Ponting must be thinking weather it was right to go out and bat first at a green pitch in overcast conditions or he had great confedence on his batsmen, what You think let me know?

Let have a nice break to breath a bit.

05:45 GMT : So covers are again on as there is some rain once again before start of last session so some more delay before the action. Inspection is on by Umpires and covers are off too.

05:55 GMT : Ok we are starting again Asif to Johnson.

06:30 GMT : Kaneria introduced to attack for the first time in this test and the series, when Australians are trying to score some runs on the board. Highest partnership by Johnson and Haurtiz of the inning 27, 7 for 89 Australia.

06:40 GMT : Mitch just had a real go at Kaneria as he hit him two fours and a huge six in an over so he is keeping his good record in batting at SCG up while Kaneria has leaked 18 runs in his first two overs.

06:43 GMT : Asif got his first five for against Austrlia as he rattled Hauritz off stump by another very good ball. So a good inning building partnership ends here.

07:00 GMT : Asif got his sixth,Mitch finally got out trying to hit one over again. Nice little inning by Mitch. Johnson to bring this score little bit count able. Will he take seventh too? Umar Gul is pretty ordinary at the other end.

DAY 2 :

23:00 GMT : Start of second day play, Bollinger to Salman Butt.

23:20 GMT : Imran Farhat dropped at first slip by North in Pakistani way as said by dear Tony.

23:30 GMT : Pakistani openers learning the art of staying in middle and ridding a little bit of luck meanwhile commentators can’t believe they are 36 for no loss.

23:45 GMT : Mitchell Johnson is into the attack for the first time, interesting time when openers have done some good work to survive.

00:00 GMT : 50 runs opening partnership in trying conditions of a good straight drive to an over pitched Watson delivery by Imran Farhat. This is probably a very good opening partnership by Pakistani standards.

00:45 GMT : Nothing much happening out there just some oos and aas from Australians, they had dried up runs and waiting for anything outrageous and stupid but openers are still pretty determined to stay in middle, nothing silly done except a couple of shots may be.

01:30 GMT : Its lunch and Pakistan is 84 for no loss, it is slow going but it was Pakistan session, openers denied to give it away. They have some luck and avoided couple of silly moments, a drop chance, couple of possible run out chances but they survived.

There was some lost of concentration in last hour when pressure was on and they tried some different things specially Imran Farhat walking down the pitch to Watson missing it by miles and then forgot to get back to his crease thanks to Haddin he wasn’t able to hit the stumps otherwise it might have been a stupid wicket after such a hard work.

Australian bowled very well, conditions are still there with seam and movement so battle will be on. So let see how they get their concentration back after lunch.

Moment of this Session : North dropping Imran at 11 probably little off balanced at first slip and Imran Farhat’s wild swing while walking down half of the pitch and then losing complete concentration to get back to crease, that was ugly believe me.

02:12 GMT : Start after lunch, Imran had his fifty with a single a well earned and well palyed fifty when needed despite some nervy silly moments. Good fight. Tense test cricket.

02:20 GMT : Salman Butt has enough of it so he is cutting lose against Hauritz, 10 runs in last over with two cut shot boundaries and a lofted shot over long off.

02:25 GMT : 100 runs opening partnership, well done guys this is second 100+ runs partnership in their four last four test matches if I am right, so some opening partnership patteren developing for Pakistan?

13 runs of Mitch’s over two very good boundaries again, so they are pushing the paddles now.

02:27 GMT : Ok they carried away little bit more, Imran caught by Haddin trying to sweep away Hauritz, there was no need for that and spinner is also getting some turn and bounce. Faisal Iqbal in.

02:42 GMT : Faisal struggling against spinner Hauritz and putting some pressure on the other end too, testing time.

Openers have done their job very well, yes they could have capitalize it but it was already good in such conditions now its up to rest to capitalize on it and build up a good lead.

02:57 GMT : The runs are even now, its 127 for 1. Pakistan will build up some lead now. Salman Butt is on 62 how I missed his fifty mark when did that happen, he was stuck in 20s and 30s forever and all of a sudden he is on 62, hmmmmm.

03:30 GMT : oh Salman Butt is out, when he was looking very good and pretty set for a century a good opportunity went away, he already had a century here at SCG. He edged a good delivery which had a little away movement and he went for a drive. Yousuf is in. They need to put up at least 250 or with such good start more then that.

Pakistan 145 for 2.

03:45 GMT : 150 up for 2 with a good looking pull shot by Yousuf after a desperate review of caught behind by acting Captain Clark. Its 154 for 2 and Yousuf is looking good.

03:58 GMT : Yousuf is having a go just before tea, 13 runs of Bollinger over with two fours one inside edge of pull shot and other beautiful straight off drive, best shot of the day so far.

04:00 GMT : 50 is the lead now. Yousuf is scoring boundaries now but little risky some of those, edges and pre-meditated sweep. Its 185 for 2 now. Yousuf 23 of 26.

04:10 GMT : Its Tea now. Pakistan 190 for 2 with 64 runs lead with 8 wickets in hand pretty much on top. Another session for Pakistan and its fourth consecutive one nice going boys. There is no look back now at least in this match, go ahead and make the impression its all set to make one which will last for a while.

04:45 GMT : 200 up, since play has resumed after tea there were couple of maiden but now Yousuf is again getting going 12 of Hauritz over.

04:49 GMT : Faisal out, a great catch by Watson running backward and judging it to perfection, a very important break through. Faisal was trying to hit it over cover but it went toward Watson.

Kid of the talk Umar Akmal came in and smashed two consecutive boundaries on his first two balls. And an almost six on fourth ball woho  and once bounce again on fifth ball …… calm down kid.

04:56 GMT : 16 runs of Hauritz over by Umar Akmal with four boundries. Don’t get carry away Umar!

05:00 GMT : 103 is the lead now, Umar is only coming in boundries 20 on 7 balls. Some quick fire in SCG.

05:10 GMT : Yousuf out, that is a big wicket he was in great touch but fell for his cut shot on a ball which angles away and bounce little more, Haddin took a great diving catch from front of first slip’s face. Its all happening here.

Misbah in and now these two need to calm down and build up a partnership as Aussies are pumping up now by those great catches. Misbah need 3 more to  complete 1000 test runs.

05:22 GMT : 1000 runs for Misbah in test cricket, and that come in style with a six over his favorite area midwicket fence.

05:36 GMT : New ball taken, Pakistan 266 for 4 after 80 overs, Umar Akmal is playing  his own inning of firing shots upishly all around the ground with aggression and risk invloved, sometimes some silly shots too. But now he needs to be little careful for next half or full hour with new ball.

06:00 GMT : Umar Akmal out, oh dear dear this boy doesn’t like to contain on 49 or 99 he was trying to smash it when he reached at his 49 missed one and next hit him on pads right in front, umpire gave him not out Aussies reviewed and it given. Big big wicket.

06:01 GMT : Another brother another first ball drive for four, Kamran Akmal into the action now. If he put a firing 50 here like his younger brother Pakistan will be up there with 200+ lead.

Lead is 159 now, Pakistan 286 for 5.

06:10 GMT : Misbah out, well he always has something cheeky to get out, this time it was an unneseccary hook shot to rising moving delivery. Tail is out now Sami in will he do something with bat too?.

So there were talks about slow going earlier and now this session had all runs in it but with wickets going rapidly too, so now their will be talks about rash T20 batting, so what you think how it should have been?

06:23 GMT : Kamran out, rightly so that agression is turning a good batting performance into little bit of slugish, they had to cross 200 mark for the lead at least. Karman played his trade mark shot over cover where Watson was placed perfectly.

300 up for Pakistan 7 wickets down. New ball doing the damage, still some swing and seam something encouraging for Pakistani bowlers.

06:26 GMT : Review against Sami but unsuccessful.

06:35 GMT : Two good cover drives from Gul in an over by Bollinger. 13 from it very value able runs as they are approaching 200 lead.

06:55 GMT : Gul and Sami out trying to play their shots, two wickets for Watson.

07:00 GMT : Stumps Day 2, Pakistan 331 for 9 with a lead of 204, good batting effort on a pitch which is still doing something but Australian did well to restrict Pakistan this lead could have been more devastating if haven’t picked wickets at regular intervals in last session with the help of some aggression by Pakistani middle and lower middle order. But they managed to put some quick runs on the board and made more then 300 runs in  a day.

Australia will have to bowel a little tomorow for that last wicket which will be frustrating a bit. Aussies have quite some time to fight back and build some target but pitch is doing it yet little bit and if Pakistan bowel well again like fist inning it will be an interesting day tomorrow.

Day 3

Coming soon , sorry for the delay, it will be up before fourth day’s play. Can’t provide it yet, I am bad.

Day 4

23:15 GMT : Pakistan started with very defensive field setting for Hussey all saving boundaries no one saving single, thats no positive they can be more attacking specially first half an hour.

23:30 GMT : Nothing happening except commentators having a go at defensive tactics, they  just can’t believe. Yea right Yousuf and Pakistan should show Aussies they are here to go after them and they are on top but I don’t what is going through Yousuf and team, body language is just not what a team with such position should be.

23:45 GMT : Aussies are slowly going where they want to, my fear anything 120+ and they look like reaching there or more as no pressure so far not even on Siddle.

00:00 GMT : Lead 100+ and Hussey had a century very well played but had many lives in it, dropped thrice by Kamran Akmal but no danger this morning so far. One review we had against Hussey for caught behind but bat hit pad not bat.

00:15 GMT : 333 for 8, so lead is 127 and both batsmen are playing comfortably one edge so far falling short of Faisal at second slip. Field placing has started to get back to some sensible positions.

Siddle is playing incredibly easily both pacers and Kaneria and he has no pressure whatsoever, I feel like pulling my hairs of knocking my head some where, whats going on?

00:30 GMT : Lead is 133 for 8, can’t believe it. Not getting a wicket is different but they  don’t look like getting a wicket. Nothing has gone Pakistan way so far some couple of edges over slips by Hussey, one edge short by Siddle and couple not so good shouts.

01:00 GMT : Siddle dropped once again by Kamran Akmal, dear me he is having a nightmare behind the stumps. Lead is 148 now.

01:08 GMT : Last review wasted by Pakistan against Hussey for a caught be behind, they better had took those which actually nicked. Lead is 150+ and partnership is 100+ now.

01:30 GMT : 373 for 8, lead is 167. Aussies have added 86 runs without loosing a wicket what a session it was for them. Match is live and heading towards an even condition or may be upper hand for Aussies.

Its LUNCH day 4.

02:45 GMT : Siddle out, Bollinger out, Asif got Siddle with a short delivery which caught Siddle by surprise. Brilliant partnership ended as Siddle got standing avation from Sydney crowed not much today.

Kaneria got Bollinger first with a cheeky dismisal, ball turns sharply into left hander who got it in his pads body and it rolled into stumps while he was just watching whats happening should have knocked it somewhere if had a little presence of mind.

Hussey not out 134, jem of an inning might be match winning, but he gave Aussies something to fight with. But don’t forget three straight forward catches dropped by keeper of Hussey.

176 is the target now more then many expected, its a tricky target they have to go after if positively scoring runs whenever the opportunity is but should minimize the risk and doesn’t carried away with there shots.

03:15 GMT : Pakistan of to a flyer Imran Farhat and Butt are playing there shots very well, intent is looking positive and they middling it well. They also survived and left some very good deliveries.

Farhat out, he played his drive one too many, it was just short of the perfect driveable length he was driving earlier, he realized it checked his drive but it was too late ball went upishly and flat to Johnson who took a low catch inches of the ground.

Pakistan 34 for 1.

Butt reviwed a LBW shout and he was right it got the inside edge before hitting the pad. Butt is still playing well his shots.

Pakistan 46 for 1.

Faisal Iqbal out, a tentive Mitch delivery which pitches up and moves away a llittle, Faisal was squared up with it got and outside edge to Haddin. Yousuf the captain in.

Butt out, oh dear that was a hell of a catch by Haddin, it was down the legside and pitched up near pads, Butt tried to flick it and got it fine, it flying past right of keeper but he took one little step towards it went air born and took a thrilling one handed catch. Perfect, it was catch which could turn the match, it will remain in cricket highlights for a long time.




Pakistan lost it, don’t ask anything it is just not answerable, doesn’t make sense, please.


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