Being Optimistic isn’t that bad! Pakistan has an outside chance at final day of Boxing test.

Thanks to all those being optimistic about Pakistan, and to others please being optimistic within a close circle of reality doesn’t hurt guys!.

Are you effected by the overall negativity surrounding Pakistan?

Pakistan’s first inning looks like effected by that negativity but again we got rid of it in second inning somewhat, so I will stay optimistic and positive about Pakistan and Pakistan cricket as far as a drop of belief or blood stays in me.

For those who are afraid of being optimistic, you might see something special on last cricketing day of 2000s,  a Pakistan victory (although highly unlikely) but then don’t give me this and that and early declaring shit, it is the willingness to fight which bring Pakistan this far.

For me, I already have seen a glimpse of what I want to see from this Pakistan side, so whatever the result is on 30th December 2009 I am fine with it as far as I am seeing the fight they put up in second inning so far.

I was writing a comment on a post at The Pakistan Camp’s post here when I pulled of this above pice not a great writing but it inspire me to write this post here.

Many people at some places thrashed me and many like me who were little optimistic about Pakistan’s tour to Australia. They argued with statistics, history and current state of  the team that Pakistan will again produce same result as before 0-3 against Aussies in Australia. As the first test progressed from the word go or even from toss and team selection their point of view was getting stronger and stronger till first inning of both teams concluded.

In second inning we saw fear making his way out and natural instincts getting out of them with some determination to get back into this. They did get back into the skin of Aussies in their second inning and then Pakistan started their second inning batting in contrast to first, we saw positive intent, willing to put runs on board, willing to put bad balls away and occasionally risky silly shots. Still they keep tumbling when there was a hint of a partnership even the last pair of the day Yousaf and young Umar had some luck with them and came back un-beaten unlike first inning’s second day’s stumps.

After all this they put themselves in a position where they could sense an outside chance of pulling off a historical run chase and victory from a position where they were looking to lose it by an inning or so and this is what I am being optimistic of. This happened twice or thrice in last 4 test matches they came back from behind and nearly catch up. If Pakistan can keep this habit soon they will start and learn to dominate provided no spectacular disaster from no where and non-cricketing issues.

Well back to reality, Yousuf is looking good and Umar is in his usual self, Yousuf has a big role to play not only to stay there as long as possible but also to calm down his ever aggressive partner time to time. But Pakistan had an immense task ahead of them and all this could happen tomorrow.

  • Pakistan survives first session without any loss of wicket with +100 runs and all set to chase 150+ runs in last two sessions with 7 wickets in hand. Can’t predict beyond this, its crazy.
  • Australia gets couple of wickets in first session specially if these two and are on there heels to get others in last two.
  • Pakistan collapse as unexpectedly as they do.
  • Pardon me I am not playing at MCG, wait for the day dude.

Australia still has an edge and could rap this up tomorrow without any trouble but if Pakistan in determined and willing to pull up something astonishing they have a difficult chance.


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