Dear Younis Khan is now bore with fishes and is back at his old business

Younis Khan Bowling

Younis Khan Bowling, Image Cricinfo

Yesterday I woke up late I mean really late around 1:30 PM yeah yeah its me and its pretty usual, well also as usual I found the TV remote and hit the power button. I saw with my dimmed vision a very familiar smile or giggle or chuckle whatever you say on TV in white kit with a red ball in his hands. Couple of very well-known Urdu commentators were saying something about him and then I realize it was our dear Mr. Younis Khan and I thought ah highlights but just before changing channel I thought hey what is he trying to do, oh no he was bowling, a rare scene, but hey what match that was? a test in Sri Lanka? but that was not Sri Lanka on-screen, what the hell I might probably having a nightmare damn!!.

Paractice paractice Paractice

Paractice paractice Paractice, Image Cricinfo

Meanwhile, he charged in went pass umpire and went through his casual medium pacer action deliver the ball also at his favorite just short of a driveable length, batsman went on front foot without full stretch and tried to drive the ball through extra cover, misjudged the teasing length, ball took the edge of the bat and went straight into first slip’s safe hands, a wicket for Younis Khan the bowler, ah that is a nightmare for sure I thought while hitting back of my  head.

I was pretty busy in whipping my eyes with hands and trying to make them wide open but the nightmare wasn’t going away it was just fading for a while. Then I saw him charging once again to new batsman, again went through same bowling formalities and delivered, ball hit straight on pads leather, a shout was heard and I witnessed umpire finger raised a current passed through my spinal cord, thats enough, it is the weirdest nightmare I have ever had, Younis Khan on hat-trick that also at a time when he might be making centuries of fishes around him.

I gathered all my force and hit the wall with my head, it hurts it really hurts but same images on TV, so it wasn’t a nightmare but what was it? In what world that could have happen? After concentrating for a while on that un bearable commentary it all shines up, it was Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final between HBL and Karachi Blues live. And Younis Khan was bowling in it and just got two wickets on two balls, he was on hat-trick, so he is back from his cave and with a bang and that too as a Captain of his team HBL. Well he missed the hat-trick and also I realised he wasn’t captain, Hassan Raza was HBL’s captain.

This all episode was suddenly very pleasant and surprising now, that was a kind of comeback Pakistan want from him, firing in without concerned about his position or captaincy and Pakistan cricket will be pleased if he repeat this once again at International level. Although he failed at his real job batting and wasn’t able to stop HBL’s spectacular collapse 95 for 7 after restricting Karachi at 215. He was LBW out for 7. I heard he also took a very good catch in a diving effort, thats all very encouraging I guess.

Well sorry for the above childish spy story but I think this drama story could be the fittest welcome to pakistan cricket’s dearest drama queen The Younis Khan.

Younis Khan

Dear DramaQueen Younis Khan

On a serious note ,If Younis Khan will consider coming back to international cricket silently with same excitement and commitment without concerning about his position and captaincy he might not only save his career but also can server Pakistan better in remaining years of his career. And if he will be able to produce some knocks like he did in 2004-2005 comeback everything will be back at its place in just a matter of time. After all Pakistan can’ hang out with anything consistently so captaincy and setup is bound to change anytime and he will be again  a strong contender with more say this time. We just need consistency this time dear Younis and no drama please.


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