Yousuf as Captain – Younis rest and Pakistan ODI defeat against New Zealand in UAE

Younis Khan

Younis Khan, image Cricinfo

This was bound to happen, something was bound to happen after the ODI series defeat and state of dressing room. Now I am not sure if this captaincy change is good or bad for Pakistan cricket in near or far future. There are so many factors gathered now that it has become a turmoil of events occurring every day in Pakistan cricket.

First ODIs defeat, well it was a way below par performance as far as Pakistan team is concerned. Either deliberately or unintentionally our batsmen played like street kids and once again they collapse like a deck of cards. Batting was not up to mark in all there ODIs, there was no obvious plan at all. Shot selections once again was so bad that it almost supports the verdict of under performance from serious players. Pakistan has lost another ODI series, they haven’t won in months now even the one which are their home series. This kind of performances at home like conditions are not acceptable at all.

Dressing room isn’t a happy looking bunch at all there are obvious tensions around in players specially senior players. Pakistan came in series with lot of media and captaincy controversies plus match fixing allegations in their last outing. All this affects team outlook but not that much. Team is looking out of focus, no plan in games there were some individual performances and everyone else was looking to struggle for their own no team work at all.

Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammad Yousuf, image Cricinfo

As now Yousuf has been appointed as a test captain for New Zealand tour and Kamran Akmal as his deputy I am confused weather it is a good decision or not. First one is Younis Khan’s break is a good one or bad? Well it is both, good one as he is out of form and struggling with his place in the side and also struggling with his relations with other team members specially seniors.  Taking a break might give him sometime to relax mentally, gather himself and come back fresh. But it is not that simple, there are lot of speculations on his career and his captaincy like:

  • Will seniors accept him once he is back again and probably in form too (you have to give him time to get back in form though)?
  • Does he justify a place in Pakistan ODI team considering a strong middle order even in his absence?
  • Is he really a captain that Pakistan needs right now or for World Cup 2011?

Pakistan cricket board seriously needs to give it a proper constructing thought and Younis also needs to analyse whether he is able to do what it is expected from him now or in future and then take a firm decision, don’t make hasted decision to lose his credibility among team as well as among nation.

Now, Yousuf as a captain is not a readily acceptable in cricket world, his past experience wasn’t good, he is lying low man, no body knows about his captaincy abilities and he has a tough task ahead in New Zealand conditions, Pakistani batting will always struggle there.

As far as for now it is not a bad idea to test Yousuf as a captain for a short while, he might be the one Pakistan is looking for, he might be next Inzi, yeah may be? He is not so public and social but he might have the right brain to do it plus the respect which is necessary to lead Pakistan team. As far as his form is concerned he is doing not that bad recently and he is technically capable of leading from front.

I am looking forward for an exciting series in New Zealand and will be keenly observing the team bonding in absence of Yonuis Khan in case there is something fishy fishy.

[UPDATE] Younis Khan’s latest statements suggests he is giving up captaincy forever and also his statements clearly points toward rift between him and some other players. As he said:

“I met the chairman today and told him I needed to rest,” Younis told Cricinfo. “I told him I feel as If I have no command over this team. And if a leadership has no command over its players, what is the point of continuing to lead? I also told him that the last 3-4 months have been very trying times for me, not just with the cricket but all that has happened outside it. I need time to get myself together now.”

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