India vs Australia – All Squares by 2 – 2 – who is favorite now?

Cricket India

Cricket India, courtesy Wikipedia

India vs Australia – All Squares by 2 – 2 – who is favorite now? Yes this is a good question now. May be yet India is favorite but before the series has started I thought it will go like 4 – 3 in either of the team’s way probably India with a little more advantage. But of lot of people think otherwise, yes I know it’s the belief in your team that lead to such conclusion that It will go like 5 – 2 or even more decisive in India’s favor but reality is Australians are underdogs and once they come up to what they are capable of it will be a hell of battle.

Now at this moment both teams have two victories in their pocket, India having little edge for convincing wins but Australia on the other hand falling short of their full potential. Like in 4th ODI of the series they were on course of making 300 odd runs but their middle and lower middle order collapse alarmingly.

Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia, courtesy Wikipedia

Thats when I wonder how bad they will be missing Micheal Clark and/or Andrew Symonds which can not only provide solid support but some brutal power hitting in later stages of the inning. Anyway they got to move ahead and they have backups its just a matter of time. The way Aussies are having their power plays specially batting they look like impressed with Pakistanis.

Now from here on this is a proper series of 3 ODIs the decisive ones, then what about the last four well I will consider them dress rehearsal. After all what in this world a 7 ODI bilateral series is doing anyway. So far for me series will just start from next match between India and Australia 5th one, thanks both teams.

And from now on each team is going to have one each probably and then a final tussle to claim the series which will be treat to watch along these other two matches. Keep focus guys, have fun.



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