Champions League T20 2009 Final: Trinidad & Tobago v New South Wales, fingers crossed!

Here comes the final of the Champions League T20 2009 (CLT20) on Friday, 23rd October 2009. It is between two very good club teams Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) v New South Wales (NSW). Both are very exciting teams to watch with bunch of very talented quality players. But T&T has become the fairy tale of the CL they came from no where, well yes hardly any general fans know about them except may be the fact that some of great West Indian players like Brian Lara are from T&T. But now there is a whole lot of them are cheering them in grounds which are supposed to be empty and also all around the world after no IPL team making it to knock out round.  Specially T&T people back there must be jubilant about all this, they might have never thought of making such an impact against some big ($$$) teams.

Now we are heading towards a very exciting final so let’s have a little preview of that:

Trinidad and Tobago Cricket

Trinidad and Tobago Cricket, Courtesy Wikipedia

Trinidad & Tobago (T&T)

I will go with the waves and declare them favorites but this isn’t just waves look at their journey till now in CL its just amazing. They have twice defended 150 odd and twice chased down 170+ against very good teams and bowling attack like NSW the very opponent they are going to face in Final. This shows how balanced they are they have fire power in batting as well as bowling even though bowling is little weak link but batsmen make cover for them. They also handled the pressure and nerve effectively.

Many people say they are dependent on one performer in every match like Pollard etc but in semi final they displayed what they are capable of, Cobras were pretty confident about defending 175 they had but thanks to their nerves in field and brilliance of Bravo and Ganga they just got amazed at end I guess. So they have a good chance of grabbing the award money for winner even they already made them deserving of at least runner-up money which will make a great difference back there for such a club.

New South Wales Blues

New South Wales Blues, Courtesy Wikipedia

New South Wales (NSW)

NSW’s bowling is their strongest point so far but their batting has also chipped well in most contests so far. They got typical Aussies flavor of strong nerves experienced players with depth. They also got more internationally experienced players then T&T with more T20 experience so they will give a tough time to T&T as they did in last match between them but thanks to Pollard who went like a storm against their bowlers specially against poor Henriques who might be having nightmares last night.

So this end up with a perfect match for a final of such a global tournament which has created some buzz around the world may be also due to the fact that IPL teams were eliminated quite early, ironic right?

Whatever this final will be a treat, I will support T&T and would love to see them at top one more time in their unbeaten CL campaign, but may the best win. I might not be able to watch it as I will be at work but thanks to Cricinfo and live streams I m might catch glimpses of it.

Have a nice day!


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