Can New Zealand make it against Australia in ICC Champions Trophy Final?

New Zealand Cricket

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Yes that is what I want, you may ask why? I am not sure but this is what I would like to see. This is why I will be watching this Final on Monday. It was Pakistan which I was looking forward for but New Zealand undone them, so now It is New Zealand. I would love to see them winning after a hell of a match which should be remember ages to come. They deserve it. They need it. They can do it.

Why? Well let see How? first. They are in trouble with their batting a little bit but in semi they showed they still got it. They chased a not so difficult target against notorious bowling attack. Their bowling is already better, they had plan against Pakistan’s not so doing good batting line up, they stick to it. They were able to restrict Pakistan at a modest 233 on a good looking batting pitch. Their spirit is high, they are electrified in field. And most importantly New Zealand have that temperament of steal, they can come out of difficult situation as they did some times and in saturday semi final.

What New Zealand need? They need key performances from key players, spirit that they have, temperament, a good day some good luck like they have in semi final. They need to dig in with clear heads.

Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia, Image Wikipedia

Australia, well they are not going to br an easy opponent as usual, they also almost possess same properties. They are very good at their business and they will go hard at New Zealand. But go to pull the string harder and harder against them because a slight rest could lead to come back by them. Aussies had shown us how they can fight and be determined against Pakistan in their must win match.

So it is going to be another great final (I wish). I will be supporting New Zealand for not so obvious reasons but wait yes for some reasons I can’t effectively explain here. You might think they snatched a final from Pakistan and I am still supporting them, well they played better and they deserved the Final. We fought but it should be better.

So, can New Zealand repeat this?


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