Pakistan vs Australia in Champions Trophy, a contest within a contest and Aisf come back?

Pakistan Crickt Team

Pakistan Crickt Team

Pakistan vs Australia is a contest within a contest. It is turning out to be another big game involving Pakistan as both teams will enter the ground with unique view of the match.

Australia is looking for a victory to make it through to semi-final, so they will do their best. Pointing and guys will come hard at Pakistan as their recent form suggests. Their overall record post 1999 world cup is very strong against Pakistan and they have enjoyed playing Pakistan. This time around they found them in a kind of knockout situation, so they would love to win to make sure. On the other hand India will probably wishing good luck to Pakistan, Irony isn’t it?

Australia will enter with its full strength and force but missing Clark badly. Bracken is also injured but I think they have alternatives for him but Clark is a must have in these kind of matches specially against a spin pair of Saeed Ajmal and Afridi. Pakistan will probably use their spinners as main attack so it will be interesting to watch how effectively they tackle spinners.

Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia, Image Courtesy Wikipedia

Pakistan is in good form and momentum in Champions Trophy and yet the only un-beaten team (Played 2 won 2). But Pakistan is probably going to change the line up for this particular match to give rest to some injured players like Imran Nazir, Younis Khan (he probably will not miss this match). They would also like to give a chance to their bench strength specially Mohammad Asif who is waiting for his come back in International Cricket after nearly two years.

This is the best time to give a chance to Asif as Pakistan is already through to semi-final and they would love to give some match practice to Asif although this match isn’t just another dead rubber for Pakistan, they are very keen to win against a team like Australia as repeatedly said by Younus Khan. He will probably replace Umar Gull who was in a little disarray (too short) in last match against India but I would also like to give rest to Aamer. He is young passionate and will be very keen to perform against the world class batsmen but he is bowling very regularly and in long spells. It is better not to exhaust him, what you think?

Saeed Ajmal vs Pointing is another little contest popping up after Ajmal’s wish to get Pointing’s wicket. But Ajmal and Afridi vs Australian batsmen will also be  something interesting to watch. Pakistan will probably use them as a main force. But this time around I would love to see fast bowlers leading from front for some change specially when Asif is coming back as a new ball attack.

This match will also decide Indian chances to make it to semi finals, If Pakistan is able to beat Australia then India will need to beat West Indies by some good margin to make sure they go ahead by net run rate but interestingly when Pakistan vs Australia match result will be possible they will be almost half way through to their match which is kind of unique situation. So Indians are you with Pakistan? lol.

So another interesting match waiting for us, I better get some sleep before proceeding will start.


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