Irony or what? India and Sri Lanka both depending on Pakistan and England they lost to

India Cricket Team

India Cricket Team, Image Courtesy Wikipedia

Well isn’t it beauty of this current Champions Trophy format? India from group A and Sri Lanka from group B will be depending on the results of two other games to qualify for semis. Basically they will be wishing a win with some margin to Pakistan and England against their opponents Australia and New Zealand respectively. It is interesting that both India Sri Lanka have lost their own matches against Pakistan and England respectively.

In Group A, India need Pakistan to win against Australia by any margin but more the margin more will be better for them. But they will have to go hard on West Indies from the word go as India West Indies match will start half way through Pakistan Australia match, means India will enter the ground with no surety at all. They will hear the news mid way but professionally they should go for a big win against WI to marginalize Australian chances by net run rate. But remember that match is on a bouncy Wanderers, may a bit of bother for Indian batting. Cricinfo explained What India need to do to go through. So I reckon Indian to memories Dil Dil Pakistan for the moment although I will be surprised to see Indian supporters supporting Pakistan at Centurion.

Sri lanka Cricket Team

Sri Lanka Cricket Team, Image Courtesy Wikipedia

In Group B, Sri Lanka will be looking for New Zealand defeat by some margin at least more than 20 runs or so, did some one have calculations? New Zealand win they are through but if not all eyes will be on NRR to decide second semi finalist from group B. Sri Lanka can’t do a thing they can just sit some where in front of TV and watch how their fate is decided in Champions Trophy 2009.

On the other hand India has an option of action in the middle but that will be only effective if Pakistan is able to continue their undefeated run against Australia in a match starting just 5 hours before Indian match.

This is the spice a tournament needed to be a successful one. This time around ICC got it right, we will probably have no dead rubber instead excitement and thrill is getting more and more as it is progressing either for the teams in action in middle or for the one sitting in their hotel room.

So next two days are very interesting and exciting, enjoy!


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