Happy EID Mubarik – I am away for a week

No more team reviews? Lazy again? ah no I am very busy and relay disappointed for not putting up more team reviews. Did it disappoint any one else? Don’t think so because currently no rush here, just some people wondering around visit my shit and these reviews aren’t such great things too, I mean what the hell I was writing in them, who doesn’t know that?

Ok ok enough of justification but still it is not cool I haven’t completed team reviews specially of Australia and India. May be will do it soon.

For now as I will be out of touch for a week for EID holidays back in my home town with my family chilling pilling of course watching cricket too. No more blogging there, no more writing shit for some days but will be back with a bang.

This post is to say a very very Happy Eid Mubarik to all of the muslims around and Pakistanis. For all other have fun with first couple of days of ICC Champions Trophy, I will join you from 24th September.

once again:


to all and specially to Pakistan Team with best of luck 🙂


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