Champions Trophy 2009-Team Review: West Indies

West Indies Cricket

West Indies Cricket

Ok guys lets start our team reviews starting with West Indies, oops not a good choice to start with but descending alphabetical order doesn’t ask for choices right? But still what am I supposed to write about them? What a mess is West Indies now? One of the best and interesting team of there times now counted in minnows, what a shame for WICB, ICC and all those so called good for game/nothing(?) governing bodies those are letting a wonderful team die for some egos some business, ok enough if you will ask about WI these days anybody will go like this. So lets concentrate on our review, we have to right?

The Team

They are sending a B-grade team till this date, almost none of the top players in it. Player list goes like this:

Floyd Reifer (capt), Darren Sammy, David Bernard, Tino Best, Royston Crandon, Travis Dowlin, Andre Fletcher, Nikita Miller, Daren Powell, Kieran Powell, Dale Richards, Kemar Roach, Devon Smith, Gavin Tonge, Chadwick Walton (wk)

Only 3 or 4 players are known to wider audience others are like debutants. This team had outings against Bangladesh which weren’t so good to be thik of so on paper WI is the weakest team of the ICC CT 2009.


What is there strength? Surprise? Young blood? Passion? a sense of a chance to prove something? It might be all of them or it might be none. This is some serious business out there, very little margin of error and that too against top teams in the world. These kind of situations can have an impact of two shades, either they could apply all of what they got in that minimum chance to either pull something spectacular out of it or just to save face, what? yes there might be the situation they could be wondering what are they doing in South Africa at this time of the year? Oh well Pakistan can help which is in their group and first opponent, which is notorious for wither collapse against any team or crushing any champs out there. Whatever I am hoping for some fight from brave Windies that will shut the hell up of these devaluing tournament or B-grade talks. Come on guys, its sports and above all its cricket, upset happens in this damn world.


inexperience, pressure, though draws or format, maximum of one loss affordable. Some of these are common for all teams but for WI these impacts more on such a relatively new team. There outings against Bangladesh were not good but still we witnessed some resistance some will to fight. They lacks in consistent performers in both bowling and batting. And surprisingly fielding at some points was very choppy for such a young team. They got to take care of there basics with some added passion and mental toughness.


WI is in a tough group, well both groups are tough but this one is little more. Two very good and balanced teams Australia and India plus Pakistan which could be equally or even more dangerous on their day. And also the fact they will be looking at win against WI to gain advantage for semis that too in there very first match. All this makes WI chances little more bleak but hope is not rare.


To qualify for semis WI need two wins, say one against Pakistan and second against Australia, yeah they like to crush Aussies history proves. No comments on semis, oh don’t go that far yet.

So it will be mathematically 30% : 70% chances to qualify for semis. too much you will say? I know 😉

Tag Line

Come on Guys show them there is no such thing like B-grade 🙂


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