Champions Trophy coming up

So guys Champions Trophy 2009 is coming up this September are you ready for that? Seriously are you guys relay excited for it? I wonder? What the hell is happening to cricket specially ODI cricket. Look at the ODIs happening in current series specially Australia VS England 7 ODI series , what the hell 7, wasn’t 5 enough. And now after first two ODIs it seems 3 were enough too simply crap cricket.

Ok back to the topic as ICC Champions Trophy is coming up in South Africa (this pissed me off as it was the one that should be hosted in Pakistan but situation doesn’t allow it what a pity) the Reverse Swing will bring you exclusive coverage of the tournament, hmm i have started to sound like media and journalists thats is not good. What is so special in this coverage than others around, this is my personal coverage man it will be like I am watching and reading everything about it with my personal thoughts feelings and some bullshit 😛

It will include:

  • Match coverage
  • Reviews/Previews of matches
  • Stories
  • Gossips, oh real one not those ok
  • Perdictions

blah blah, even I don’t know what, but it will be fun at least for me 😀

To start with I am starting a special series of team previews or reviews whatever you will call it, in which I will try to discuss each of the eight teams participating there strengths, weaknesses and chances to win in my view. You are more then welcome to join in comments section, Ok I beg you please visit Reverse Swing and comment and waste some of your time please please …… oh I am not that concerned about hits *wink* never mind. Well I will complete these reviews before ICC CT 2009 (ICC Champions Trophy 2009) starts. Count on me …..



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