Babay has born, Life starts now

It is Tuesday, September, 8, 2009 and its 3:30 AM in the morning…….

So today a new baby has born in world of blogs and he/she (they haven’t decided yet if a blog is male or female but i would like it to be male for now on) belongs to cricket family and has a cast sports.  Actually it did born couple of days ago but it just having its first outing here after being in some serious medical attention (still its template haven’t been decided yet).

Well, yes of course this blog is about Cricket in general,  Pakistan’s Cricket in specific. Let have its formal introduction here:


This isn’t its original name that I thought of, it was something like Straight Drive which is my favorite shot by the way. But alas there was someone else holding up that name 😦 . Then I opted out Cover Drive (smart huh) but damn it was also booked/not available/taken/reserved whatever :@ . Finally me being smart decided to use my little brain to figure out a proper name that at least I should like. And wow unexpectedly I came up with Reverse Swing, okay whats so special in it? hmmm well nothing but wait this blog belongs to Pakistan because I am a Pakistani and reverse swing has some clear relations with Pakistan and Pakistani cricketers I better not need to explain, oh come on you know what I am talking about.So it is Reverse Swing from now on.

Reason of Birth:

What? Definitely its parents have some …. oh sorry I am talking about the blog not kid :p , well I am a good fan of cricket from my childhood and lately was following almost all international cricket and reading some good blogs out there about cricket. This poked me to have one too. My experience in blogging in none to minimum specially in writing. So pardon me if I write like a retard. I am not that worry about my writting as there might be very less people visiting this shit hole.

Aim of Life:

This blog is here to provide you with some readable (I will try mt best, I promise) material on world of cricket specially Pakistani cricket. My personal thoughts and feelings sometimes, yes yes that is my place and I will bitch(?) about things I like or I dislike. Reviews, previews, comparisons, suggestions and what ever else I can think of about cricket.

Interests and Ambitions:

Current happenings, matches, performances, likes, players, records, controversies, tit bits, words out, me views, and if to my biggest surprise if it happens to be some regular visitors here I will come up with some interesting ideas like Polls, Guess Work, Predictions, Quizzes etc, yea believe me I am website developer and WordPress programmer too so I can build those custom things 😉 .

Inspirations: First of all I am inspired from all the blogs I read and the idea og blogging, what a way to yell out for a person like me who is not much social nor a great public speaker. Then there are some special inspirations like,

Cricinfo and its blogs
Well Pitched
Cricket with Balls

and finally a very emotional inspiration, A cricket female blogger (first a WOW on this) died recently in a car accident as posted on her blog here, no no it wasn’t her GHOST it was her friend who posted the last post. I read the post and then some more posts and I really feel it what a valuable thing she left for her memories and her life loving and cricket loving life, aaah I am not even able to describe those thoughts in words here. Check out yourself here is her Blog.

Amy S. Talks Cricket

wooohooo I wrote a lot that;s good I can write and I will write for sure INSHA ALLAH.

See you with more soon.

Cheers 🙂


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